OSI Group Mc Donald’s Partnership with Mc Donald’s Restaurant

Mc Donald’s is the chair of OSI Group. He has also been allocated the duty of being the project head at OSI Industries. For any business to be a successful corporation is a crucial factor. Mc Donald merged with OSI Group to enhance business operation resulting in the name OSI Group Mc Donald.

In 1955 OSI Group McDonalds was involved in an extensive relationship, which was going to help both companies succeed to realize more profit.

The linking with Mc Donald led to the expansion of OSI Group from being family owned corner butchery to be a leading international supplier of value additional foodstuffs.

OSI Group McDonalds was selected to be the distributor of foodstuffs during the Beijing Olympics held in 2008. This led to its fame acquisition in Chinese foods and also becoming a brand name countrywide.

OSI Group also helped Mc Donald’s business wise as it constructed a first plant devoted to the Mc Donald product s line skill innovative machinery, which was necessary for flash icing hamburger patties at the Mc Donald’s restaurant.

OSI Group Mc Donalds is involved in business deals like the buying of Baho Food ad Flagship Europe. Besides, the organization is coming together with other institutions, which has made it possible for them to enlarge its goods to outfit perfectly to its clients including Mc Donald’s restaurant.

OSI Group McDonalds was given the opportunity to supply meat products to a variety of Mc Donald’s restaurant. Both OSI Group Mc Donald and Mc Donald’s restaurant helped each other to develop.

Mc Donald extended its business externally as it becomes the primary provider of fast food to other companies, which include subway, burger king and others. Anew opening was also made in Des Plaines, Illinois leading to best meat supplies, hence, opening of a new site by the OSI Group.

In 1960 OSI Group McDonalds involved a cutting-edge innovation that ensured quality products were delivered to their customers. It made use of flash freezing, which required the use of liquid nitrogen to ensure the meat products remain fresh before consumption.


Isabel dos Santos – Africa’s Richest Woman

Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman on the continent of Africa. Like other successful women, she feels that it is not an easy task to rise to the top in a world that men dominate. In 2013, the world estimated her wealth at three billion.


She contributes her ability to compete in a man’s world as a result of her father’s support. Her engineering education, as an African girl, was rare for African girls. She never heard her father tell her that she should depend on others to take care of her. She attributes this to her strong and independent spirit. Both of her parents insisted that she pursue an education that could help develop confidence and encourage a competitive spirit.


Isabel dos Santos also feels herself fortunate to have married a supportive African husband. He never considered her independence a threat. He understood and supported the space she needed to pursue success. The couple have four children that he cares for while she is gone on trips overseas.


Her advice to modern-day parents is to enable their children to establish an independent spirit early on. For girls, teach them how to manage their finances successfully. Also, teach them they are valuable and have an important role in society. There should be nothing that makes them less equal than a man in their lives.


Even in spite of her success, she is aware of the challenges that females face in a business world dominated by men. A lot of discrimination and prejudice exists. She offers an example of being the shareholder and company owner, and negotiating a business matter with a male who looks to her male associate for answers. This happens even when she has made clear her position of ownership.


Additional challenge she addresses are the stigmas the world places on African economies. She sees expert marketing as a solution to help boost the knowledge there are major business players and opportunities in Africa. She is a successful business operative in her own right and sets the standard for African women to follow.


How Ryan Seacrest has Redefined Consistency in Entertainment Scene

Ryan Seacrest life in the entertainment scene has been consistent. He has continued to create content that has been consistent with the changing world of entertainment. Although he has many interests in the world of entertainment and philanthropy world, he is more famous as a professional host and an executive producer to some of the best TV shows in the world. Whether he is hosting a radio show or in the middle of a TV production session, Seacrest gives all his best. According to entertainment pundits, Ryan Seacrest has been the perfect example of a talented and hardworking person. Due to his consistency in this scene, he recently joined LIVE.

Many pundits have referred to Ryan Seacrest as an entertainment package. Apart from hosting some of the biggest shows in the entertainment scenes and producing some of the best TV shows, his passion for fashion is unmatched. For the past 36 months, his line of clothing has redefined the male fashion scene by introducing well-thought pieces. The business approach to his clothing line makes it the future of male fashion. Thanks to his effective planning and strategies, both celebrities and fashion lovers can rock pieces from his correction. Some of the items available on this line are found nowhere else, and this is probably the main reasons why male fashion pundits refer him as a master designer.

Apart from his immense contribution to the entertainment scene, Ryan Seacrest is passionate about the wellbeing of other people especially people undergoing medication. For this reason, his foundation is one of the most powerful foundations to people in medical facilities. He realized that these people especially children need platforms where they can get entertainment. Seacrest Studios in the recent past has been instrumental in providing children patients, quality entertainment at no cost. He believes that through this initiative, people receiving medication will not only get free and quality entertainment but also feel they matter to the world.

In addition to his foundation, Ryan Seacrest is part of other organizations as a board member. Seacrest is also part of the LACMA board. In this particular board, he has been part of the team that is changing the art scene in the USA.

Richard Liu Qiangdong: The Growth of JD.com

JD.com is an online retailer that offers everything from cookware to TVs. The company has maintained an online presence since it was first introduced to the Chinese public in 2005 after the previous year’s rather serious SARS outbreak. The CEO Richard Liu Qiangdong has been instrumental in the success of the once small company. JD.com started their online business as a technology retail company. Eventually, Richard Liu discovered that there was a market for other genres. The online community at that time did not hold the trust of the Chinese public because they took advantage of the fact that it was very easy to make and sell counterfeit items. Richard Liu pushed JD.com to create a better standard.

All of this success has garnered a lot of attention for Richard Liu Qiangdong. In fact, he recently gave an interview to Weforum.org with their presenter David Rubenstein. Rubenstein asks some very interesting questions about the growth of JD.com. There are many people who look at the exponential growth that the company has experienced over the years and want to know Richard Liu’s secret. He explains that one of the most important things that JD.com strives for is an authentic spirit and customer focused categories. The company will provide services and materials to their customers that will directly fill their needs. While JD.com is interested in making money, Richard Liu explains that it is not at the expense of their customers. The company continues to gain traction towards their overall goal of a global presence.

When asked about his past, Richard Liu Qiangdong is very honest about a failed restaurant venture that he had early on in his career as a sociology student. The restaurant did fail but it also gave Richard Liu a life lesson that has been more valuable than the money he lost at that time. He learned a lot about what is necessary to grow a business into something special. The success of JD.com is yet to be determined on a global market but in China, they have reached the goal of number one online retailer. The future looks bright for the company and their plans.


Marc Beer’s outstanding contribution to the healthcare industry

Marc Beer is an expert corporate executive having more than 25 years of development and commercialization experience in the fields of biotechnology, diagnostic, device, pharmaceutical sectors. Marc Beer is the co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Renovia Incorporation. The other founders include Yolanda Lorie, Ramon Iglesias and MD who is also the chief medical officer. Renovia Inc. was founded by them in 2016 and a successful closure of Series A financing through top healthcare venture capital funds. Marc Beer is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Renovia Inc. Back in 2000, Marc Beer took the office of CEO at ViaCell i.e. a biotechnology company engaged in the development, conservation and gathering of blood stem cells of the umbilical cord. ViaCell grew from a few to more than 300 employees, became public in 2005 under Marc Beer’s Supervision.


Moreover, Good Start Genetics Compensation Committees Board of Directors’ founding chairman is Marc Beer. Marc has served another Committee as a founding chairman and member of Minerva Neurosciences Incorporation Audit Committee (MNIAC). In addition to this, Marc is also the member of Graduate Studies Research (GSR) at Notre Dame and Business Advisory Council (BAC) at Miami University. During his tenure at ViaCell, Marc rendered services of Director to a publicly traded biopharmaceutical company named as Erytech Pharma. Before Marc’s employment to ViaCell, Marc Beer held different offices at Genzyme, such as, Vice president of Global Marketing. Being the VP Global Marketing his duty included commercial launch of various products which were used to cure rare disease populations at a global level.


Furthermore, being the CEO of Renovia Inc., Marc has a vision to launch new products for pelvic disorders right after the closure of Series B worth $32 million along with $10 million in the venture debt. Renovia Inc., is making numerous diagnostic and therapeutic products to serve disorders related to pelvic floor, such as, urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is a disorder on which researchers forecast that it affects 250 million women globally. Renovia got investment from a healthcare-centered investing firm i.e. The Longwood Fund. It also joined the Series B round with Renovia. The funds from Longwood were to use for development and testing further four diagnostic and therapeutic products in which Leva’s (product of Renovia) new generation was also included.


Marc Beer showed his gratification and enthusiasm on getting the support of The Longwood Fund in treating and improving the lives of millions of women undergoing this deadly disease of pelvic floor. He also said that collaboration with this healthcare-oriented group of investors will help to integrate their innovative and proprietary sensor technologies ultimately leading to the provision of valuable data to their customers. This valuable data includes the information of new treatment options, better understanding of pelvic floor disorders and lowering the long term healthcare expenses. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


Alastair Borthwick, the Celebrated Author of “Always a Little Further”

Alastair Borthwick was a well-known author, journalist, and broadcaster. He was born on 17 February 1913 in Rutherglen. He grew up in Troon but moved to Glasgow in his early teen. Borthwick attended Glasgow High School, where he became a member of the Officer Training Corps. At the age of sixteen, he left school and secured a job with a newspaper company, Glasgow Herald.

Alastair Borthwick sharpened his editorial skills while working for the Glasgow Herald. Initially, he was assigned a simple duty as a copytaker. Later on, he was assigned more complicated duties in the Weekly Herald, where he wrote on numerous topics on children’s and women’s pages, front page leads, and the crossword among others. Eventually, Borthwick was assigned to write for the “Open Air” page.

Alastair Borthwick got involved in the blossoming climbing scenes and hillwalking adventures of Glasgow in order to get entertaining materials for the “Open Air” page. The page comprised of articles about the affluent people in Glasgow and Clydebank, who ventured into the Highlands on weekends to do the hillwalking and climbing.

Alastair Borthwick developed an insatiable love for mountain climbing, which was a preserve for the well off in the community. However, at the time that Borthwick was writing his newspaper articles, a new culture was rapidly growing. Rock climbing was becoming popular among the young people, mostly the middle class and the less endowed. His Open Air columns mostly highlighted the poor people hitchhiking north and going for adventures in caves. The Experiences formed the basis of his first publication, “Always a Little Further.” The book was published in 1936.

Alastair Borthwick used most of the materials he collected for the Open Air page to assemble his story. As a result, the novel documented personalities, who were part of the new breed of the penniless, classless, and uncensored climber. Besides portraying a period of a sensational social change, “Always a Little Further” adopts an unusually entertaining humor. The novel humorously describes adventurous accounts of hikers with tinkers, tramps, and hawkers. The story goes ahead to describe encounters of adventurers hitching to Ben Nevis, in a lorry full of lifeless sheep. The novel is a classic, whose story feels new every time it is read.

More info: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/alastair-borthwick-gf0fkwlb07r

Guilherme Paulus Provides Wholesome Travel Packages For Tourists

Brazil is one of the leading countries with the highest growth economically in recent years. Currently, it’s a major economic power with tourism being the most important economic activity in this country. The tourist sector offers job opportunities for many individuals across the country and in various businesses including hotels, tour operators as well as souvenir shops. That implies that with time, there will be a rise in the number of tourists visiting Brazil. To support the country’s economic position, Guilherme Paulus has established a company called CVC Brasil.

More on CVC Brasil

When Guilherme Paulus left IBM to focus on the tourism sector where he served as a sales person, he was defining the direction of his career as he wanted to become one of Brazil’s leading operators. He partnered with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari to create a tour company called CVC Brasil. While Guilherme Paulus had the idea and was committed to implementing it, Vicente had the capital. Together, they merged their resources and formed what is now defined as a leading tour company that serves clients from all walks of life. The company offered special packages to clients. Paulus has additional packages to attract more clients to the company. The idea was appended to his experiences while working as a salesman in the tourism sector. Under his leadership, the company included cruise trips that played a crucial role in the growth of the firm. Today, CVC Brasil is a market leader in the tour industry. Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, a Brazilian chain of hotels in 2015. This was a business opportunity for him since the company is now directing revenues to the economy.

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Guilherme Paulus is Giving Back to the Society

Paulus has also won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award following his dedication to giving back to the society. Under his leadership, CVC Brasil has given back to the local communities through organizations that focus on corporate social responsibility. The company also helps to increase access to education in low-income earning families. Paulus is a role model for entrepreneurs seeking to grow the economy of Brazil by contributing to the tourism sector.

Flavio Maluf: Reporting the Latest Trend in Brazil’s Agribusiness Sector

The agribusiness industry in Brazil is on the rise, and last July 2018, the most recent reports about the country’s agribusiness performance were released. The report was presented by Flavio Maluf, Eucatex’s president and chief executive officer. According to the report, the country’s agribusiness exports reached $9.21 billion, roughly the same as its statistic in June 2017. The agribusiness imports, on the other hand, reached $1.04 billion. Visit Crunchbase.com to learn more

Brazil, being the fifth largest country on the planet in terms of land area, has a lot of spaces for agriculture. The country transformed the majority of its agricultural spaces into soy plantations. Soy production in Brazil accounted for 53.5% of the country’s exports. The country also produced other exports like forest products, which came in at 14.4%; meat and poultry, posting an 8.3% of the total exports; alcohol and sugar, accounting for 7% of the exports; and coffee, at 3.9%. The country’s partnership with BRICS, an international union of the largest economies on the planet, also provided an advantage for their exports. BRICS, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has been conducting trade partnerships with each other. Brazil exported their soy products to China, where it is most needed. The partnership between the two countries produced a good trading contract which benefited a lot of Chinese people who are using soy for their food production.

Brazil is also a trading partner of the European Union, and they have exported some of their agricultural products to the continent. The European Union is the second largest trading partner of Brazil, after China. The agribusiness sector of the South American country is helping other states around the world secure their food supply, and thanks to the large agricultural areas of Brazil, food production and food security can be attained. Flavio Maluf also added that the government of Brazil is serious about their campaign of strengthening the agribusiness industry, because it holds the future to the country’s development. The Brazilian government is encouraging farmers around the country to use different strategies on how they can produce more agricultural products, and at the same time, earn more from their plantations.

Learn more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,conheca-com-flavio-maluf-os-profissionais-mais-requisitados-pelas-startups-em-tempos-atuais,70001683019


Aloha Construction Adds Sister Company To Address Homeowners Interior Needs

Aloha Construction, Inc. has been providing construction services during roofing and siding season in Illinois and southern Wisconsin for the past decade. This area of the country is prone to dangerous storms with high winds and pounding hail. This company has been making a number of improvements to their services lately, including an updated website and expanding what they offer their customers.

This company replaces and installs siding, roofing, insulation, soffits, gutter systems, downspouts, and more. Their work is professionally provided and they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Founder, President, and CEO Dave Farbaky says that just five years ago he was really happy that Aloha Construction had surpassed 7,000 projects. Just four years later his company shot past 20,000 projects.

What helped grow this company was their opening of a second office. Joining the original location in Lake Zurich they opened a second office in Bloomington in 2015. Dave Farbaky says the second office quickly got up to speed and both now have roughly equal workloads.

Since Aloha Construction opened its doors in Lake Zurich they have been informally offering interior construction projects. Dave Farbaky says they’re making this formal with the launch of an interior-focused sister company. This company, also part of the Aloha Builds network, will offer disaster aid, interior restoration, water extraction, and clean-up. They can also easily do remodeling projects including kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. They are now truly a one-stop shop for homeowners construction needs.

Aloha Construction is a member of several professional organizations. Among these are the Better Business Bureau, the Building Trades Association, the National Roofers Contractors Association, and the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. They are rated A by the BBB and won their Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2017.

Dr. Saad Saad And His Contributions To Medicine

Dr. Saad Saad is known throughout the medical community as a skilled pediatric surgeon who has made important conurbations to the advancement of medicine. In his over forty years of practicing medicine, he has performed many surgeries that have saved the lives of thousands of children. He spent much of his time brainstorming ways to improve traditional practices in medicine.  Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He also had a strong desire to alleviate the pain that his patients commonl experienced during medical treatments. He has invented two medical devices that can add efficiency to the medical field.

His skill as a pediatric surgeon is the reason that many people throughout the country have sought his help. Dr. Saad has assisted people all throughout this country and around the world. He has done surgeries for free for children who lived in poor families.

Dr. Saad came up with a unique way to improve on a catheter. Doctors use catheters for many purposes such as drawing out fluids or for common surgical procedures.

Some catheters are permeant and can stay inside the body forever or they are temporary. It is necessary for a doctor to be able to pinpoint the precise location of the catheter. With traditional catheters, it was necessary for a doctor to perform an MRI or an x-ray, however, both have disadvantages.

An MRI is not portable and wouldn’t be great in an emergency. An x-ray can expose the patient to radiation, which can lead to cancer. Dr. Saad invented a catheter the uses electromagnetic energy which allows the doctor to detect the exact site of the catheter. This is extremely useful in serious life or death sceneries where a physician does not have the time to perform a body scan.

An endoscope is a tool that allows a doctor to view inside certain areas of a patient’s body without having to perform a body scan with an x-ray or an MRI. A traditional endoscope has one major flaw. The endoscope fogs up easily due to the fluid inside the human body. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/ and https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

A fogged-up endoscope can make it impossible for a doctor to get a decent view. The improvement that Dr. Saad made was that his unique endoscope has a feature where the doctor can remove the fluid while they are using the endoscope. This device has been helpful for Dr. Saad with patients of his who had items caught in their throats.