EOS Lip Balm Takes Flight

The lip balm industry is forever changing, and EOS has become one of the most important players in the lip balm game. It is obvious that this one of the most dominant players in the industry, and a lot of that has to do with the type of exposure this company has received in recent months. There is certainly a lot of type of exposure that EOS has received through companies like Walgreens, CVS and even Lucky Vitamin. These were the stores that people would see the EOS products in when they were coming in for quick purchases. The color spheres would become impulse purchases that would take on new life.

As time progressed, people discovered that EOS Lip Balm would be one of the most well received products in the celebrity community. Singers from One Direction were spotted with this lip balm. Kim Kardashian was seen using this EOS Lip Balm in public. This type of public display of admiration for the bountiful lip balm flavors would prove to be very effective. This would be the thing that would totally transform the lip balm industry. People would see that this was the shift from Chap Stick to a company that was so much more creative.

EOS comes a very long way in a short time frame. The marketing strategy was very strong. The flavors have been crucial to the development of EOS. There are a lot of fruit flavors for all that people that have been looking for something different. There is a great chance that more people will discover this brand of lip balm because of the social media. Many people have become interested in the bountiful flavors, and the spheres are often used for decorations at different events. This has made the EOS brand (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm.html) very successful with the young millennials.

Warren Buffet’s Investment Strategy May Not Be As Efficient As It Seems

With $1 million on the line, Warren Buffet has wagered that amount for charity proving that he can gain better returns compared to a group of hedge fund managers. His proposed method is by investing in an S&P 500 passive index fund. His strategy is to commit to low cost, simple investments and holding it out for the long run. It turns out that he may actually win this gamble.

In Buffet’s recent annual shareholder letter, he offered some wisdom based on his experience of investing. Consumers, however, should still be wary of product labels no matter which industry. The “active versus passive” discourse present in multiple industries does not serve investors well. Many mutual funds involve excessive trading and high management fees which could provide poor returns.

Passive index returns, despite being known for being a safe path when it comes to investing, provide no cushion against down markets. In addition, the unpredictability and opportunity costs of passive index investments are usually underestimated or unknown.

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Tim Armour commenced the discussion of expanding investing opportunities. Mr. Armour serves as the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group. He succeeded James Rothenberg as the chairman of Capital Group on July 28, 2015.

Mr. Armour was an experienced investor working for Capital Group before serving as the chairman with 34 years of investing experience working for Capital Group. Tim covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies earlier in his career.

End Citizens United Plans To Overturn 2010 Decision

Now that the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision has opened the door for the country’s billionaire elite to spend an untraceable amount of money in our elections, organizations have stepped forward to fight the Citizens United v. F.E.C. decision in an effort to change the landscape of our elections back. With the Supreme Court’s decision, there is no longer any transparency within election spending, allowing billionaires like the Koch Brothers and other large corporations to tip the political balance in their favor.



End Citizens United was launched in 2015 as a Political Action Committee that is dedicated to counteracting the awful effects of the Supreme Court’s decision. They have the goal of reforming the campaign finance system and are funded completely by grassroots donors. End Citizens United plans on showing candidates, voters, and the media that this country’s grassroots are fighting back against the people trying to buy our elections. End Citizens United plans on pressuring lawmakers to take action in favor of campaign finance reform.



By electing pro-reform candidates, using their grassroots following to demonstrate their political power, and raising the issues of money within the world of politics, End Citizens United plans on dismantling the current rigged political system by passing state ballot measures and finding champions that will worked towards overturning the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision. Their goal is end the idea of unlimited money in politics.



End Citizens United supports mostly Democrats in key races that support their passionate reform ideas. They only support those candidates that are willing to fight to overturn Citizens United. End Citizens United stands up for those warriors who are under attack by special interests groups and large donors. This organization is a mostly-Democratic group. There are many Independent and Republican voters that agree that this country needs campaign finance reform, but the Republican leadership within Congress is standing in the way of their ultimate goal.



Within just a few months, End Citizens United received more than $2 million in donations; from mostly small donors. Over 325,000 signed their petition to demand that Congress overturn their decision. That number will grow however, with End Citizens United gaining access with their partners, “Ready for Hillary” that will be giving End Citizens United their email list. After a few months, End Citizens United also announced their endorsement of more than 10 Democratic candidates, like Senator Michael Bennet and Senator Russ Feingold.



End Citizens United came in at a time when it was needed. While there is an endless supply of political committees, this one in particular addresses the hole in conversations when it comes to political campaign finance reform. With an enormous grassroots backing, End Citizens United plans to enact reforms on both local and national levels, hoping to pass an amendment to the 2010 Supreme Court decision.