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Banyan Hill has become quite omnipresent in the knowledge vaults of investors who have the experience to make well-timed moves, and Ted Bauman is one of the experts helping to continue that trend as he serves as editorial director there. His work involves three of the flagship writings which are The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. As he oversees them, his passion has always been to provide solid advice in regards to privacy, international migration, asset protection, and also low-risk investment strategies that can help keep portfolios profitable and safe.

He recently provided a list of the 12 most profitable tax moves that should be able to help many make the best moves at the end of the year as we push into the upcoming 2018 tax season. With the newly passed tax plan, most households will be able to take advantage of the higher deduction that will benefit the majority of tax brackets, and as such, there should be far fewer people looking to itemize their deductions. The idea is to pay some of 2018’s deductible expenses now so that it will help to benefit one last time. This can include things like giving to charity, prepaying property taxes or mortgage interest, prepaying student loans, and more that can be found here. But you will need to hurry because there are only a few days left to leverage things in this manner. Read more about Ted Bauman at Ezine Articles

He also delves into many other areas in order to help his readers plan their future based on value rather than price. That is a distinction that many who have looked into economics may be familiar with, but for many, we take it for granted that they both mean the same thing. His advice is usually good to use. For example, he recently commented that one of the standard retirement strategies is to transfer any investments into things that are more likely to hold their value over time so that the portfolio will not deflate as there is nothing being put into it anymore. Using that same strategy in regards to the home that you are living in, he says, may be a good tactic as well since the upcoming generations are not likely to be able to afford what some over the years have settled upon. Visit Ted Bauman at to know more.

Ted Bauman has an expansive knowledge, and his advice at Banyan Hill is something that should definitely be taken into consideration in many different areas.

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