Dr. Saad Saad on How to Succeed In Life, Career, and Business

Dr. SaadSaad is a successful professional whose life and career have a positive impact on people who aspire to pursue such-like careers. The holder of a prestigious career is not only a successful pediatric surgeon but also an innovative role model who inspires young medical doctors. Not only does SaadSaad have an exciting story to tell but also essential yet straightforward life lessons that everyone will find useful despite their profession. Above all, Dr. SaadSaad has children who hold senior positions in some of the world’s best careers. Here is a look at SaadSaad’s journey.


The Background


Recently, Dr. SaadSaad tendered his resignation. Of course at the age of 48, he still has a working allowance in most corporations. However, he decided to be actively retired so that he pursues other interests in life. His career in medicine leaves a lot to desire. Regarding crafting an outstanding legacy filled with sacrifice and excellent service delivery, Dr. SaadSaad has been instrumental in many ways. Many will remember his services with admiration.


Pursuing Your Interest


How did SaadSaad delve into medicine? Well, in most interviews, he confesses that in life, a person only achieves what he or she sets the mind to. Just to break it down a little further, SaadSaad believes that every accomplishment in life is attributed to an individual’s attitude.


Early Life and Career


Born in Palestine, Mr. SaadSaad grew up in an environment that was subjected to numerous challenges. Palestinians were forced to relocate because of Israel’s creation of a state. SaadSaad had to leave his native land at that moment.


His Father


When oil was being discovered in the Middle East for the first time, SaadSaad’s father worked as an expert in the industry of petroleum mechanic. Because of his excellent skills, he landed a job in Kuwait. SaadSaad enjoyed being around his father and growing up amidst his brothers.


His Education


One day after school, SaadSaad saw his brothers working on a construction site. The scorching sun would later discourage him from pursuing their careers (engineering). According to SaadSaad, the environment was too hot and uncomfortable for them. He wanted to pursue other interests and medicine was the best option at that moment. Dr. SaadSaad went to Cairo University. He majored in medicine and, scored impressive grades.




Before bringing his retirement decision forward, Dr. SaadSaad was a pediatric surgeon practicing at Eatontown in New Jersey. SaadSaad’s position in his practice is affiliated with various hospitals. Some of the hospitals include Long Branch Campus, as well as Monmouth Medical Center. When away from his practice, Saad offered life skills through constructive talks. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087

Ted Bauman Clears Up Some Of The Confusion About The New Tax Plan That Got Rolled Out In January Of 2018

Ted Bauman has always worked to help connect people with the financing and resources they need in order to live a better life. He studied at the State University of New York where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, and he also attended Georgia State University where he graduated with a Master of Business in Administration in Finance. He teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013 and is now the editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club. Ted was born in the United States but emigrated to South Africa when he was a young adult, and while there, he served as a fund manager for a spread of non-profit charitable organizations.

Ted Bauman wants to help people better understand the new tax plan that has been rolled out. To do this, he needed to, first, let people know that business entities who do not pay taxes are called “pass-throughs,” and that the losses or gains these businesses accrue are “passed-through” the owners of the business. The new tax plan allows pass-through owners to not pay federal income taxes on 20% of the profits their businesses make. This is a good thing for pass-through owners, because they will be able to save a lot of money. Private practices like the kind that doctors, lawyers, or other professionals have can be broken up into smaller parts, which can lead to savings of thousands of dollars.

Ted Bauman has also pointed out that more money can be figured as tax-free and a company can make more profit if their owners take as little as possible out for their salary. He also indicated that employees might benefit by becoming consultants. While the new tax bill doesn’t make the tax code any easier, it does lower tax rates for the next seven years. A lot of people may be seeing an increase in their taxes due to the fact that the tax law makes it so that local, state, income, and property tax can now only deduct $10,000 from a person’s federal income taxes. On top of this, people who work from home will no longer be able to deduct home office expenses from their taxes, which will surely effect many.

Ted Bauman advises that people who are earning the right amount to set themselves up for retirement should consider opening a Roth IRA and to continue reading the Bauman Letter for more about how to cut down on taxes that hit retirement earnings.

Check: http://thesovereigninvestor.com/precisionprofits/ted-bauman/


Ian King’s Invaluable Knowledge in Cryptocurrency

Ian King has achieved incredible success in business and has investment experience of more than 20 years. Ian is globally recognized for his helpful insights in investments. He founded Intellicoins Company where he offers investors with advice on how to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Before Mr. Ian founded Intellicoins, he worked at Peahi Capital for 10 years. At first, he served as a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers but later left for Citigroup. Ian graduated from Lafayette College where he pursued psychology.

Ian is passionate about the crypto asset market. He has gained a lot of knowledge in cryptocurrency that has made him one of the top authors of Investopedia. In addition to his contributions at Investopedia, he also developed a program to help other entrepreneurs who want to learn more about different crypto assets such as monero and bitcoin among others.

After Ian King left his job at Salomon Brothers, he joined Citigroup where he served in the credit department. Afterwards, Ian joined Peahi Capital which is located in New York where he gained experience of about 10 years in various trading options. Working in all these notable companies enabled him to gain invaluable knowledge in business, investments, and cryptocurrency.

View Ian King Banyan at Stock Twits for more updates.

While working in big companies, realized that he enjoyed being one of the key contributors to success to the companies and investors. He was impressed by being part of a process that made millions of dollars without much struggle. Being part of success and helping others attain their financial goals enabled Ian King to realize his potential.

Ian decided to walk away from employment to start his own business. He adds that he was no longer interested in making other investors richer. Ian wanted to become rich, so he decided to take the risk. Ian engaged in venture investing which is a field that he found most suitable based on his financial knowledge. It is in venture investing that he later discovered about the potential of cryptocurrencies. His most valuable lessons in cryptocurrencies were on trading and investing in early stages.

In 2017, Ian King Banyan joined Banyan Hill Publishing as an expert in cryptocurrency. The main reason as to why Ian joined Banyan was to give readers insights on how to invest in the crypto market. Ian contributes to Banyan Hill each week to update investors on crypto developments. Since King joined the publishing company, readers have benefited significantly from the knowledge that he shares. Read: https://cryptoprofitsummit.com/my-private-conversation-with-crypto-expert-ian-king/


Felipe Montoro Jens reports R$44 billion investment

Brazil, home of the world’s seventh largest economy grew by 1% during the first quarter of 2017. The government plans to continue this growth during 2018. The federal government of Brazil announced its plans to further stimulate the economy, by making available over 50 projects to the private sector. This move has the potential to create thousands of jobs, while improving the infrastructure throughout the Latin American country. Infrastructure improvements are critical to a thriving economy, because it attracts business and further stimulates the economy, all while creating jobs.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, a specialist in Infrastructure projects, reported the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) will be covering 57 projects that be an R $ 44 billion investment into the economy, reaching 22 sectors.

Felipe Montoro Jens also reported the Congonhas airport in Sao Paulo and the sale of Infraero’s stake in the Brasilia, Confis in Belo Horiszonte, Galeao in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo’s Guarulhos airports. Infraero is a public owned or government company. Infraero currently owns about half of the companies in the terminals at these airports. In addition during the second half of the year the Belem, Vila do Conde, Paranagua and Victoria are to be bided on also. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at terra.com

As part of the infrastructure investment the Ministry of Transportation announced, highway BR-153 is in the plans to get a makeover. The BR-153 between Anapolis, GO and Alianca, TO. The bidding on these projects is scheduled for the last quarter of 2018. Felipe Montoro Jens also reported highway BR-364 connecting Comodoro, MT and Porto Velho, RO is to be part of the bidding to start in October 2018.

The federal government has release their plans to sell Mint, Ceasaminas, Casemg and Docks of Espirto Santo sometime during the later months of 2018. There has not been any specifics on how these will be made private. Check more: http://www.negociosemfoco.com/newsdino/?releaseid=141832


How Matt Badiali Is Changing Unpopular Metal Investing

Matt Badiali is a well-known expert on metal investing. He is known for offering sound advice when it comes to investing in natural resources. He has traveled to many locations around the world and has worked on oil rigs, owned oil wells, and explored mines. Hs knowledge has been increased by doing all this and he is a known expert in the fields of mining, energy, and agriculture. More info can be found here.

Overlooking Unpopular Metals

Matt Badiali has stated that many people have overlooked unpopular metals and have made a grave mistake. These metals while unpopular have been performing. These metals are copper, zinc, and lead. While in the past, these metals have not done great, in recent years, they have greatly improved and are quickly becoming popular. Many people may think that it would be risking investing in unpopular metals, but the truth is that there have been many successful investors over the past few years that have had immense success in investing inthese lesser thought of methods.

Base Metal Recommendation for 2018

Badiali has released a recent article showing that zinc and lead will increase throughout the year. Zinc has performed better than lead and copper in the past couple of years. As the demand for zinc is increasing, the rate will just keep going up. Badiali has encouraged anyone wishing to invest in metals, to consider investing in zinc. Learn more about Matt Badiali at freedomchecks.com

Matt Badiali’s Experience

Matt Badiali received his Bachelor of Science from Penn State University and has a Master’s degree in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He was taught investment analyst by Da Ferris, Steve Sjuggerud, and Porter Stansberry.

Badiali joined Stansberry & Associates in 2005 and started his research on the ground. He went to Hong Kong, Singapore, Iraq, Turkey, New Guinea and other places around the world. He has met with private financial managers, private financiers, research analysts and more during his time with Stansberry & Associates. This has allowed him to build up his knowledge so that he knows what investments would be right for you. As the current editor of S&A Resource Report, he shows people where they should be investing their money. He covers metals, energy, and natural resources. He has had many winning investments under his belt and is well respected in his field of work.

Read more on Talk Markets: http://www.talkmarkets.com/member/Matt-Badiali/


Luiz Carlos Trabuco

The Bradesco Bank is a huge bank. The bank is located in Brazil and has been around for many years. They have had a few Chief Executive Officers since the death of their founder in 1991.

The last President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bradesco Bank’s name are Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Trabuco’s term has come to an end he is preparing to resign. He started as clerk when he was 17 years old. He has 49 years experience working in Bradesco.

The Succession and Appointment Committee at the Bradesco Bank has been tasked with selecting the next President of the Bradesco Bank. The process of choosing someone new to take over the bank was no easy process. The committee ended up choosing the person that was originally at the bottom of their list. When Trabuco’s time ends Octavio de Lazari Junior will be taking over. According to estadao.com.br Octavio de Lazari Junior is serving as a lower level president at the bank until he is installed as President of the Bradesco Bank March 12. When he becomes president he will serve in that capacity as well as the leader of a Bradesco ban company. On March 12, 2018 the new president’s term will begin at the executive board meeting.

Read more: Bradesco deve anunciar sucessor de Trabuco antes do Carnaval

Before the committee was set on Octavio de Lazari Junior to being the next president of the bank they were unsure. Their original top choice was Mauricio Minas. Mauricio Minas is over the technology department. They felt that he would be the best fit for president of the bank. Out of the seven Vice President that they had to choose from Octavio de Lazari Junior was the only one with a background and reputation that was in the best interest of the company. The company has grown a lot over the years, but they now desire to be at the top. They are no longer interested in settling for second place. They want to be the largest bank in Brazil to impact in the country. Lazari does great work inside of the bank and outside of the bank. he has proven himself be the positions that he holds inside and outside of the bank. He is the head of two different credit corporations that are in Brazil. Lazari builds his resume by continuing to learn and expand his expertise and knowledge in the credit arena at the bank and outside of the bank.

Lazari has been an employee there for 40 years. He has made a lot of progress and has worked hard to climb the corporate ladder. He started out as an agency manager. He later became the department director of the Department of Loans and Financing. He now specializes and serves in credit advisory positions inside and outside of the Bradesco Bank. Lazari was selected to be on the Board of Executive Officers. 2017 Octavio de Lazari Junior became a member of the board and the Ceo of a company that is a part of the bank. Lazari has gained a lot of experience working at the Bradesco bank, but he has a finance degree from University.

See: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5227979/sucessao-no-bradesco-deve-ocorrer-no-primeiro-bimestre-diz-trabuco

Igor Cornelsen Puts Investing in Perspective

Igor Cornelsen has become a very solid investor. He knows the market, and he knows how to teach other people about the market. There are investors from many different walks of life that can benefit from the knowledge that Cornelsen has presented about portfolios. This all starts with building a diverse portfolio.

People that live in America put their trust and money in American stocks. What Igor Cornelsen has done is open the eyes of American investors and make them see about the benefits of stocks like the iShares MCSCI Brazil Capped funds. There are also some investments like the Cosan Limited and Banco Santander stocks that have become popular for people that want a diverse portfolio that includes the stocks outside of the United States. A lot of people have been able to see the benefits that come with investing in these companies.

Igor Cornelsen has also made people take to investing in the early stages of their career. Investors have seen what it takes to build a better portfolio, and Igor has recommended that people start as early as possible. This is the key to a better portfolio. He has proven over the years that people that start investing in their twenties will have much better luck than those that are trying to start investing in their thirties or forties. Compounded interest is what people experience when they put forth the effort to start saving money early. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter

People that are investing have to be aware of the dangers of putting their accounts on auto pilot. This is what so many people are starting to do. It doesn’t make sense to have an account where you do not know about the stocks that you are investing in. This is never a good thing. It makes a lot more sense to put forth the time to track and monitor the stocks that are doing well. This also gives you the ability to see what is not doing so well. That is how you get the chance to truly assess your portfolio and make the necessary changes that lead to growth.

Read: https://www.resumonk.com/igorcornelsen


Betsy DeVos Discusses Key Issues Facing Schools Today

While being interviewed at CPAC 2018 or the Conservation Political Action Committee of 2018, Elizabeth Betsy DeVos made a bold statement when it came to freedom of expression on America’s colleges and universities. She highlighted and emphasized the fact that when it comes to freedom of speech that good ideas will always triumph over the bad ones. This is in response to the increasing suppression of dissenting or so-called offensive points of view on college campuses.


DeVos admitted that the issue of censorship on our colleges was a modern issue and a very serious one at that that is often rarely discussed. The Education Secretary said that the threat to free speech in higher education institutions needs to be looked at from multiple points of view and angles. Elizabeth Betsy DeVos also said that she sees a rise in the suppression of free speech on campuses. Also, there have been several high profile cases that received national attention where speakers were not allowed to speak due to the views they held and espoused.


Mrs. DeVos says that college should be a place where you can learn new ideas, test your existing ones, grow intellectually and mature. This is what she recalls from her own experience at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. DeVos then added that the administration which she serves in is fully committed to promoting an environment where the free exchange of ideas can occur without censorship and restrictions on views that are out of the mainstream.


Secretary DeVos says that college should be the place to do battle and fight but not with fights or threats to shut people’s speech down. Instead, she is calling for a battle of words and ideas to occur with the best idea coming out victorious. This is the real meaning of college and how we improve ourselves and our society.


Those who are concerned about the suppression of free speech on campus can feel better with the fact that Betsy Devos is an ally on their side in the powerful position of Secretary of Education. While she did not lay out any specific moves her department may take, she said she would fight on behalf of students to have their free speech rights protected and not face restriction.


Students and free speech activists can also feel good about free speech from the fact that a colleague of Betsy DeVos at the Justice Department is also taking the charge against censorship on campuses. Attorney General Jeff Session is closely monitoring several cases involving freedom of speech at colleges and has gotten the Justice Department engaged in many of the cases that have to do with free speech at universities.


Regarding a separate issue, Betsy DeVos said she would like to see the Congress have a hearing regarding the horrible school shooting tragedy that occurred on February 14 in Parkland, Florida. Many congressmen and women from both political parties have voiced their support for Betsy DeVos’s call for a hearing. DeVos also said that there needs to be greater mental health care screening and treatment options, especially for at-risk youth.


Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Todd Lubar: Baltimore City Has Great Opportunities

The American real estate market has been growing in the recent past. People from all walks of life are rushing to invest in this area because they know they will emerge with great returns at the end of the day. Getting an area to invest is not an easy affair for any investor. The people who are aware about the profits in this sector have never taken any chances when it comes to their successful ventures. Todd Lubar is among these professionals. The businessman comes from Maryland, and he has been working in the American real estate department since the time he completed his studies in the year 1995.

Todd Lubar knows the areas that are performing well in the market and those that need some assistance so that they can turn out to be successful. Not long ago, Todd Lubar spoke about Baltimore and why real estate investors should rush to invest in the region. Although many people believe that Baltimore is not growing in its population, Todd Lubar has a very different opinion. The businessman says that the country has numerous opportunities for people who want to venture into real estate. For more details visit LinkedIn.

At the moment, people in the world call Baltimore the Charm City. This area attracts so many young people, and this is one of the reasons it commands a lot of respect when it comes to investments. The demand for high quality and luxurious apartments is quite high. The people living in this region are only interested in getting accommodation that has been designed by professionals. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

Todd Lubar noted that the region is working on its transport infrastructure, and this is reason enough that the company is prepared for more investments in the future. Lubar says that people should not be scared when making any investment in the Charm City. Apart from having young professionals working in the city, there are so many opportunities for people to invest in. Many companies have emerged in the region, and they are all performing well because of the presence of the young professionals in the city. Todd Lubar is among the top real estate investors in the region.

Visit: https://www.instagram.com/todd_lubar/

Matt Badiali: Investment Guru

Investment can be a terrifying task, especially for beginners. You are putting your hard-earned money on the table in a venture that is rife with risk hoping to get decent returns. It is always a good idea to do thorough research before you invest your money. It is even better to consult a trustworthy investment expert.

Matt Badiali is one of the best investment experts out there. Funny enough, he did not start out studying finance. He had already begun working on his PhD. in geology when a friend introduced him to the world of finance.

In partnership with his friend, he began to look into ways to develop investment strategies for the average investor. Together they leveraged Matt’s knowledge of science and geology to analyze potential investments, especially in the energy sector.

Drawing from his experience watching his father struggle with investment, Matt decided to help ordinary people with their investment. He started a newsletter in 2017, through which he offers advice on investment to his ever-growing list of subscribers.

A recent sit down with him offered unique insight into his life; below are some of the highlights. View Related Info Here.

Why did you feel the need to launch a newsletter?

I have always been a giving person, eager to share what I had with others. I felt that the knowledge I had accumulated from my studies and my venture into investment could benefit others. Having watched my father face the same challenges, I knew how difficult proper investing was for most people. I decided that a newsletter was the best way to share my insight and offer tips to people who needed them. I have never regretted this decision.

How would you describe a typical day for you?

I get up every day before seven a.m. to see my daughters off to school. I then have breakfast. I usually catch up on the news during breakfast, either by watching the business channels or by reading the papers.

I spend at least the first two hours in the office writing because this is when my mind is clear. I respond to emails from mid-morning to noon. I make phone calls and arrange a meeting after lunch, then I do some more writing, and I am done for the day. Most days I work out at the gym after work. More info about Matt Badiali at tumblr.com


Matt Badiali is one of the most respected investment advisers accessible by anyone looking to start their investment journey. He has helped his clients make good money from their investments.