Achievements of Whitney Wolfe in Fighting for the Liberty of Women

Whitney Wolfe did a great job of starting the Bumble, and she is one of the earlier founders of Tinder which she worked in before launching the Bumble. Bumble got in the market as an app that was supposed to transform the manner in which people date through the help of the internet where the women were put on the frontline. This means that all the interactions that would take place on the Bumble app would only be started by a woman. Currently, the app has more than 500 million users and is valued at around $1 billion. It has also been able to expand the platform so that an opportunity for career networking could be created as well. Connect with Whitney Wolfes by visiting her linkedin acount

Apart from creating the first digital dating as well as career networking platform for women, Bumble nowadays has gained more attention because of its devotion towards its female workers. The headquarter of Bumble was launched in Austin and given a nickname “The Hive.” It is lively honeycomb-yellow space that is designed in the manner that each square inch is able to inspire confidence as well as positivity. Apart from the mortar and bricks as well as the office perks, Bumble has made prioritized putting into place the favorable progressive policies for the workers that is currently totaling to approximately more than 80 all over the world where 85% are female.

For Bumble to accommodate the working women, it ensures that the office retains accessibility to the office since the parents take with them their kids. As well Bumble has made it easy to comprehend the working hours. Whitney Wolfe has helped in fighting against feminism as it is more advocated through her dating sites. This means that females have rights to enjoy their liberty as well as share ideas. The interaction has been enabled leading to more networks that make it easy for the participants to run their businesses. Whitney Wolfe has a vast experience when it comes to gender discrimination as she experienced in her previous job. It is Whitney Wolfe desire to see all women treated well and with dignity in places they are employed.



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