Chris Linkas Offers Investment Advice to Millennials

Millennials are struggling to put money in their savings accounts. That is why Chris Linkas, an investment expert with about 20 years experience is blogging about how the young generation can start saving for retirement.




Linkas has been managing the European credit group for investments for more than five years. With his extensive knowledge in investments, he counsels others regarding the value of investing. To him, college scholars as well as young professionals think that they have time to save and invest in the future. When it comes to stock market especially, Chris Linkas is positive about guiding these young generations to put their money in the business. Here is what he has been saying for years;


Reinvest In Dividends

  • Reinvest In Dividends


Linkas has worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Switzerland among others. He has vast experience in handling investment in those particular areas. In his perspective, young people have retirement to think about. Therefore, they should invest in rewarding opportunities. Reinvesting helps the young to passively, grow their businesses. Just like Albert Einstein once said, accumulated reinvesting is rewarding especially when the interest rates are high.


Compounding is Rewarding

  • Compounding is Rewarding


Young investors disregard the value of dividends. Nonetheless, history has proven that investments handled conservatively create significant financial portfolios. Moreover, such investments do not experience financial volatility as money generates wealth over time. Millenials who establish conservative funds can receive attractive quarterly dividends. These dividends can be reinvested.


Take Risks

  • Take Risks


Linkas has an impressive background in investment. As a professional investor, he is known for collecting and disseminating knowledge on financial sectors. According to him, age determines the acceptable nature of risks when it comes to investing. Younger people should accept more risks. But, too much risk may be precarious to one’s portfolio.


Learning from Your Mistakes

  • Learning from Your Mistakes

Life will always present risks. Some of these risks can be pretty detrimental. Therefore, young investors should learn from their mistakes. They should begin by learning from their environment. That way, they will be more familiar with the market shifts and terminologies involved in business. Linkas is convinced that the following tips can guide young entrepreneurs in investing.


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