Jeff Aronin’s Contribution in the Medical Sector

Jeff Aronin is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences, a company that majors in the identification of medical needs that are not met, innovative science and the creation of companies with talent that is recognized globally to introduce medications to the market. Under Paragon Biosciences, other companies have come into being like Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals that is concerned with unique genetic dermatology conditions. Another such company is Harmony Biosciences which on the other hand concentrates on the central nervous system disorders. In that case, Jeff Aronin is determined to cover almost all aspects of medical issues that trouble people, especially with rare illnesses. Before this breakthrough, he had established Ovation Pharmaceuticals, a company that would help him get closer to his patients by addressing their medical issues strictly and with precision. Even though he sold the company, he was retained as the CEO to date which explains his commitment to his career which those who acquired it admired. For Jeff Aronin, his patients come first, and he considers the fact that they are surrounded by people who matter to them and would like to see them recover successfully.


Jeff Aronin is a holder of bachelor’s degree from the Northern Illinois University and an MBA from DePaul University. One unique thing about him in his career is that he advocates for medicine first before considering surgery, especially for children. He understands the kind of hustle that surgery involves and does not imagine a child undergoing such a procedure. For him, making people’s lives bearable and better without causing more pain is what matters. Jeff Aronin is a business person and happens to be a board member of the Economic Club of Chicago, Discover Financial services and the Museum of Science and Industry. In that case, he insists on helping other people when they are starting their businesses as a little advice can go a long way. The kind of diversity that Jeff Aronin displays is unique as he does well in different fields with the sole purpose of making better other people’s lives. With his massive contribution to the world mostly in medicine, he recently received the Weizman Institute Award for 2017 which he appreciates.


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