Flavio Maluf: Reporting the Latest Trend in Brazil’s Agribusiness Sector

The agribusiness industry in Brazil is on the rise, and last July 2018, the most recent reports about the country’s agribusiness performance were released. The report was presented by Flavio Maluf, Eucatex’s president and chief executive officer. According to the report, the country’s agribusiness exports reached $9.21 billion, roughly the same as its statistic in June 2017. The agribusiness imports, on the other hand, reached $1.04 billion. Visit Crunchbase.com to learn more

Brazil, being the fifth largest country on the planet in terms of land area, has a lot of spaces for agriculture. The country transformed the majority of its agricultural spaces into soy plantations. Soy production in Brazil accounted for 53.5% of the country’s exports. The country also produced other exports like forest products, which came in at 14.4%; meat and poultry, posting an 8.3% of the total exports; alcohol and sugar, accounting for 7% of the exports; and coffee, at 3.9%. The country’s partnership with BRICS, an international union of the largest economies on the planet, also provided an advantage for their exports. BRICS, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has been conducting trade partnerships with each other. Brazil exported their soy products to China, where it is most needed. The partnership between the two countries produced a good trading contract which benefited a lot of Chinese people who are using soy for their food production.

Brazil is also a trading partner of the European Union, and they have exported some of their agricultural products to the continent. The European Union is the second largest trading partner of Brazil, after China. The agribusiness sector of the South American country is helping other states around the world secure their food supply, and thanks to the large agricultural areas of Brazil, food production and food security can be attained. Flavio Maluf also added that the government of Brazil is serious about their campaign of strengthening the agribusiness industry, because it holds the future to the country’s development. The Brazilian government is encouraging farmers around the country to use different strategies on how they can produce more agricultural products, and at the same time, earn more from their plantations.

Learn more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,conheca-com-flavio-maluf-os-profissionais-mais-requisitados-pelas-startups-em-tempos-atuais,70001683019


Aloha Construction Adds Sister Company To Address Homeowners Interior Needs

Aloha Construction, Inc. has been providing construction services during roofing and siding season in Illinois and southern Wisconsin for the past decade. This area of the country is prone to dangerous storms with high winds and pounding hail. This company has been making a number of improvements to their services lately, including an updated website and expanding what they offer their customers.

This company replaces and installs siding, roofing, insulation, soffits, gutter systems, downspouts, and more. Their work is professionally provided and they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Founder, President, and CEO Dave Farbaky says that just five years ago he was really happy that Aloha Construction had surpassed 7,000 projects. Just four years later his company shot past 20,000 projects.

What helped grow this company was their opening of a second office. Joining the original location in Lake Zurich they opened a second office in Bloomington in 2015. Dave Farbaky says the second office quickly got up to speed and both now have roughly equal workloads.

Since Aloha Construction opened its doors in Lake Zurich they have been informally offering interior construction projects. Dave Farbaky says they’re making this formal with the launch of an interior-focused sister company. This company, also part of the Aloha Builds network, will offer disaster aid, interior restoration, water extraction, and clean-up. They can also easily do remodeling projects including kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. They are now truly a one-stop shop for homeowners construction needs.

Aloha Construction is a member of several professional organizations. Among these are the Better Business Bureau, the Building Trades Association, the National Roofers Contractors Association, and the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association. They are rated A by the BBB and won their Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2017.

Dr. Saad Saad And His Contributions To Medicine

Dr. Saad Saad is known throughout the medical community as a skilled pediatric surgeon who has made important conurbations to the advancement of medicine. In his over forty years of practicing medicine, he has performed many surgeries that have saved the lives of thousands of children. He spent much of his time brainstorming ways to improve traditional practices in medicine.  Read more: When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object – Advice by Dr. Saad Saad and Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

He also had a strong desire to alleviate the pain that his patients commonl experienced during medical treatments. He has invented two medical devices that can add efficiency to the medical field.

His skill as a pediatric surgeon is the reason that many people throughout the country have sought his help. Dr. Saad has assisted people all throughout this country and around the world. He has done surgeries for free for children who lived in poor families.

Dr. Saad came up with a unique way to improve on a catheter. Doctors use catheters for many purposes such as drawing out fluids or for common surgical procedures.

Some catheters are permeant and can stay inside the body forever or they are temporary. It is necessary for a doctor to be able to pinpoint the precise location of the catheter. With traditional catheters, it was necessary for a doctor to perform an MRI or an x-ray, however, both have disadvantages.

An MRI is not portable and wouldn’t be great in an emergency. An x-ray can expose the patient to radiation, which can lead to cancer. Dr. Saad invented a catheter the uses electromagnetic energy which allows the doctor to detect the exact site of the catheter. This is extremely useful in serious life or death sceneries where a physician does not have the time to perform a body scan.

An endoscope is a tool that allows a doctor to view inside certain areas of a patient’s body without having to perform a body scan with an x-ray or an MRI. A traditional endoscope has one major flaw. The endoscope fogs up easily due to the fluid inside the human body. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/ and https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8

A fogged-up endoscope can make it impossible for a doctor to get a decent view. The improvement that Dr. Saad made was that his unique endoscope has a feature where the doctor can remove the fluid while they are using the endoscope. This device has been helpful for Dr. Saad with patients of his who had items caught in their throats.

GreenSky benefits from prodigious founder David Zalik

David Zalik immigrated to the United States from Israel with his family at the age of three. He enrolled in public school in Alabama, and it quickly became apparent that he was a genius. Zalik was able to blaze through school, graduating from high school at the age of just 12. He was invited to attend Auburn University where he quickly excelled at his studies.

But by the age of 14, Zalik became bored with academia. His real passion lay in starting his own company. Zalik had always been interested in computers. So, he founded a company that built computers for commercial applications. Known as MicroTech, the business had a slow but steady period of growth after Zalik had founded it from complete scratch. He worked hard, and by the age of 22, MicroTech was large and successful enough that there was acquisition interest from a number of large players in the space. Zalik sold the company for $5 million.

He then took his profits and plowed them into Atlanta-area commercial real estate. Again, Zalik had slow but steady success, eventually growing his fortune to more than $12 million by the time he was 32. But the entrepreneur had some good ideas in other fields. He wanted to create a platform that would allow for instant loans to be made to retail customers for big-ticket expenses like home remodeling projects. This is the idea that Zalik would eventually turn into GreenSky Credit. But in the meantime, he couldn’t drum up any kind of interest in the GreenSky concept from bankers.

Eventually, Zalik realized that if he wanted to get GreenSky off the ground, he was going to have to do it himself. The idea was simply too radical for bankers to extend him the loans that he needed to get the company rolling. As a result, Zalik effectively reverse mortgaged his entire $12 million real estate empire, raising the capital that he needed to make GreenSky Credit a reality.

The bet proved to be the best one that Zalik had ever made. Today, GreenSky is worth as much as $10 billion. And the company continues to grow at an astounding pace.

Story of a real miracle worker in medical staffing

Our Medical Director came into a medical staff meeting. Dr. Swanson,usually very cheerful, was instead upset and frustrated. He told us that he thought he had successfully hired a new chiropractor for our facility. The chiropractor was on his way to meet with our Dr. Swanson. We work in a high crime urban area. Our clinic is holistic, and the chiropractor position is a very important one. This practitioner had been enthusiastic on the phone. He was glad to be able to work in California and was amazed at how much house a person could buy for a low price in our region. But the chiropractor stopped for gas, and when the attendant asked him where he was going, he told the man he was coming for a clinic job. The attendant said, “then I hope you have a flack jacket, because we have drive-by shootings around here.” The chiropractor’s wife demanded he turn around and go back home. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

If only Dr. Sawyer had used Brian Torchin’s Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. CNN featured this entrepreneur on a report in two thousand and fourteen. He also does blogs about how to get employment through social media. His goal is to unite potential employees and the company that needs them in three days.

As a child Brian Torchin had always loved the healthcare industry. So he had obtained a Bachelors from University of Delaware and then became a chiropractor. It was while working in this fields that he had noticed a disconnect between medical professionals and medical jobs.

That was when he started Healthcare Recruitment Counselors.

His plan is simple,use social media. Social media has a gargantuan amount of users, and his goal was to narrow down the amount of candidates for a particular field.

Healthcare Recruitment Counselors doesn’t just narrow the field, and get people together, but they do background checks, professional consulting, and staff training. That’s why I said Brian Torchin is a real miracle worker.

Visit: https://plus.google.com/106112186041036712086


A Day In The Life OF Entrepreneur Chris Burch


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There is something to be said for an entrepreneur who is not only willing to take risks on his own business ideas, but the ideas of others as well. Chris Burch is a world renowned entrepreneur with many high-profile success stories next to his name. In 2012 he renovated the Nihiwatu luxury resort on the island of Sumba and within four years it would be ranked one of the top luxury resorts in the world. In 2014, Chris Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in order to launch her own lifestyle brand. Now, through his work at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is offering the same opportunities to investors of all experience levels.

For Chris Burch, succeeding as an entrepreneur is about connecting with the right people on the right projects. Burch believes that you not only need to find the right partners, but you need to find partners who are fiery and passionate about their work, get info on (Medium.com). With the right people working together on a project, Burch doesn’t think that there is any reason for success to keep on waiting.

As an entrepreneur, Burch’s life is pretty hard to predict. With holdings all over the world, Burch might be flying to Indonesia or spending the week driving business-to-business in downtown Los Angeles or in New York. There is no patter, rhythm or routine to Burch’s work and that honestly is probably how he likes it. As a creative individual with a passion in many different fields, Burch loves the challenge of approaching them all at once.

One of his most recent investments is that of Cocoon9, a tiny home fabrication company that works on designing modern spaces that provide homeowners with the small life, big amenities that they’ve always dreamed of. Burch loves the tiny home movement and we expect him to spend much more time and effort on this project, useful details on thenewsversion.com.


OSI Food Solutions Offers Plenty Of Job Opportunities

A great job is an ideal way to make a living. People look for jobs that have certain qualities. Many people want jobs where they can feel valued. They also want to find jobs that allow them to earn a good living and focus on a larger task of greater importance. This is one of many reasons why so many people have found a home at OSI Food Solutions. OSI Food Solutions is one of American’s top one hundred food companies. The company is tops for many reasons. One of the most important is that they provide a great place to work. People come here in search of both a job and career. They find a company that offers this and much more. At OSI Food Solutions, employees are given many benefits. They are valued as members of a team. They’re also highly valued as people who can offer new ways of seeing things and new insights. Employees are also seen as the company’s most important asset and one that enables company officials to meet the goals set forth each quarter and each year. When people join the OSI Food Solutions team, they’re joining a network of devoted workers determined to bring quality food to people all over the world.

Many varied opportunities for work can be found here. Many Americans find they can have a career that enables them to better serve the needs of the American food markets for quality food. They also find that working at OSI allows them to develop other skills as well. For example, the emphasis on teamwork means that every single member of the company must be able understand many points of view at the same time. People are given the chance to help them sharpen their understanding multiple viewpoints and, in doing so, better able to understand the factors that go into creating a company that serves people’s needs both domestically and abroad.

Company officials are also devoted to such goals. They welcome thoughtful employees who can demonstrate an understanding of team spirit and provide for the needs of people in varied parts of the United States. This kind of willingness to think in new ways is what led to the company’s initial success many decades ago. When it was first founded, quality and meeting many customer needs was job one. The same devotion to such important goals is still true today.

For details: www.kununu.com/de/osi-food-solutions-germany-osi-group-inc1

Peter Briger is a genius investor

Peter Briger is renowned by other investors because of his great character when it comes to interacting with others. He is a reputable financial professional who has been working hard to help investors around the world. Peter knows that the world of investment is not easy, and that is why he is dedicated to helping those who lack investment knowledge, but they are willing to become entrepreneurs. He is an accomplished leader with a clean track record because he has worked for Goldman Sachs leading it to success for over fifteen years. When he was at the company, he was also involved with numerous committees like Japan Executive Committee, Global Control, and Asian Management Committee. He was dedicated to his leadership roles, and that is why his impacts at Goldman Sachs were positive. As a leader, he helped Goldman Sachs to achieve in various sectors, and he is credited for its success today.

His hard work is what has led him to serve in the capacity of a chairman at Fortress Investment Group. The company deals with investment management and its offices are located in New York. The great entrepreneur joined the company in 2002, and he has been working there helping in various ways. He has risen to the top and apart from being a principal at the company; he also serves the Fortress credit. Peter embraces teamwork because he is currently working with a team of other talented professionals and together they bring ideas to life at the company.

Peter Briger is not only involved with Fortress, but he also has other positions in various organizations. For example, he works as the director for the Princeton University Investment, and he has also been leading the company successfully. He supports others organizations like the Central Conservancy because he is a philanthropic investor who believes in giving back to the community. Peter Briger has also established a connection with other companies and entrepreneurs. Those who want to venture into investment are free to meet him because he is someone who is open to new ideas and also ready to help others in their endeavors. Peter Briger is committed to helping his customers, and that is why he has maintained them for years because they know his ability to help them make profits.

Freedom Checks Legitimacy Shines in Market Rife with Scams

Investment markets are no stranger to get rich schemes. In fact, every year a group of investors are taken for a ride by some multi-marketing or binary option system that promises the moon and then rips the off. This places a negative connotation on the market as legitimate investments are tossed aside out of fear. It also does not help that these investments all use the same publicity platform. This is the problem currently facing freedom checks.

Freedom checks are an investment in what are known as master limited partnerships. They are a unique investment perk being offered to the public by master analyst Matt Badiali. Badiali is a trusted source for hundreds of thousands of average-level investors. They follow his advice through the newsletters he publishes for Banyan Hill, and for his first-hand market reporting. He is a master of the natural resource market and follows every incoming trend. The moment he discovered MLPs he turned around and offered the opportunity to the public. Although his freedom checks ads sound like every other scam, they are in fact the real deal.

Master limited partnerships are companies dealing primarily in natural resource production that sell tradeable stakes to investors. The stakes allow these companies to operate like publicly traded entities and grant them the same advantages. They get working capital, and only get taxed on 10% of their incoming profit. This is because a requirement f their status is paying out 90% of their profit to stakeholders. This is why Badiali supports freedom checks, because they promise very profitable incentives. MLPs are backed by the U.S. government as a way of supporting national energy independency. They award stateside companies like MLPs for aiding that independency, and allowing the reduction of imported oil. Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All.

MLP stakes are very much like stocks. They can be had for as low as $10 dollars. They offer a small percentage of the company they are attached to, and offer payouts related to the size of that percentage. They are legitimized by the fact that they bear the risk of any investment. If the market does well then the company does well.

Betsy DeVos: Reforming Educational Choice

For years, Betsy DeVos has been leading the charge of education reform. When DeVos and her husband had school-age children, they made a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids. The school serves many low-income families. At the school, DeVos met the parents of the students. These parents were working to ensure their children were safe, could learn and be curious, and be treated with love.


After these conversations, DeVos continued to go back to the school for visits. DeVos had the financial means to pay her children’s tuition to a better school. However, for these parents at the Potter’s House Christian School, financial resources weren’t as abundant so tuition costs were an obstacle to education. DeVos decided to begin financially assisting some of the school’s children. Today, DeVos supports the Potter’s House financially at a significant level.


Supporting that one school led DeVos to think about education on a larger scale. DeVos’s husband, Dick, expressed his commitment to education and ran for a spot on the State Board of Education in Michigan. After winning the election in 1990, Dick focused his efforts there while DeVos started a foundation that distributed scholarships to low-income households, in hopes that families had more of a choice regarding where they could afford to attend school. However, rather quickly, DeVos recognized that scholarships were not reaching the root issue with the education system in the United States.


DeVos also joined the boards of Children First America and the American Education Reform Council, both charities of which were working to provide educational choice for parents through credits on their taxes and vouchers. DeVos was politically involved in helping the first bill for Michigan regarding charter schools to pass in 1993. Because Michigan’s families were in need of improvements to their choices for education, and because the state constitution had been written in a way that limited choice for schooling (in comparison to other states), in 2000 DeVos tried to change the state constitution. The amendment proposed would permit the state to grant tax-credit vouchers or scholarships. Despite her efforts, the amendment did not pass.


Reacting to the loss of the amendment she proposed, DeVos began a Michigan committee for political action. Known as the Great Lakes Education Project, the committee was devoted to reform of education by increasing the number of charter schools throughout Michigan. From 2001 through 2002, the committee’s efforts were successful and DeVos began thinking of how the nation could benefit from similar change.


Together with John Walton, Dick created All Children Matter. DeVos chaired the political organization, and eventually the group decided more cohesion was needed for efforts to be successful. The key players reorganized and formed the American Federation for Children. It serves as the as an umbrella organization affiliated with the Alliance for School Choice.


Since her time with the American Federation for Children, DeVos has seen major advances in other states besides Michigan. Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana are three examples of states that have passed programs that will better serve their students and provide them with the opportunity for educational choice.


Besides increasing educational choice for students, DeVos sees choice of school location as an especially promising education-reform strategy. She advocates for freedom from families being assigned a school based on the location of their home. DeVos believes technology will help this movement and that, with the right legislation to serve as the framework, educational choice will create a better educations for the country’s children.


To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.