Robert Ivy: CEO American Institute Of Architects On Healthy Living

As a people, there is something we need to realize. There are many benefits that we could reap from design work. For our purpose, we will look at the importance of design in healthy living. In as much as we many not even be keen to know, design plays an important role in influencing the things we do. It can affect our productivity as a people been without noticing.

Robert Ivy is an architect who is concerned with this issue. He is one person who wants to see design work take into consideration the healthy living of the people.

CEO Robert Ivy talks about the small things we see as just obvious as important design work that can help us as a people live a healthy life. Take the case of the stairs versus the elevator. With the stairs, we use our muscles to go up or down. In short, we are exercising our muscles. For the elevators, we depend on the electrical power to take us up and down. There is one thing about the human body; it likes to be exercised. One of the recommendations for healthy living is often exercising. That way we can keep our body muscles in good shape, and generally, our health becomes better.
In the case of the elevator, there is nothing we are doing. A machine is doing everything. Our bodies lack exercise in this case. As much as some of us may consider the stairs as tiring, it is one of the best ways that one can ensure that they exercise on a daily basis.
When Robert Ivy is talking about design, these are the things he is referring to. He is concerned with the health of the people. He wants architects to use their knowledge to push for things that will make the human life better and lead to better productivity. In the 21st century, architects have already started rolling out projects that pay attention to this topic.
In Seattle Children hospital, there was an expansion project that is going on. In this design, the architects took time to address the things that relate to children. They have made designs that will influence the ability of children to think deeply and discover things. They have also introduced the aspect of humor in the design. Such designs are ensuring that the children in this facility to do not suffer from depression and solitude. With design, some of these things might not even be known to us, but they are happening “behind the scenes.”
About Robert Ivy
Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects. He has also been a senior editorial director for Architectural records. He has won the G.D. Crain Award for his lifetime contributions in the industry.