Alex Pall says Fans should expect sensational hits in future and gives details about the rise of the chainsmokers

Two different backgrounds but a common love is how we can simply describe the duo, Chain-smokers band. Their love for music goes way back and they had contemporary DJing stints before starting to work together. Alex Pall reminisce on his love for dance hall music and the urge to be better. This made it easier for the duo to kick off immediately at their first meeting. They already had a push for growth and above all they had the bond of love for music.


According to Alex Pall their success can be largely attributed to the fact that they share the same values. They want only the best for their music growth. Moreover, they spend a lot of hours together to input their skills and ideas on what should make them better. Alex Pall further expounds that they did not treat their gig as a full time job but still they gave it the necessary time it required. Alex further adds that they play a significant role in every step of their musical journey. For instance they always go the extra mile by writing their own songs and co-operating with other song writers to come up with something that’s sensational which explains why their creations are always at par.


Their music is largely inspired by the fact that they feel the need to connect with their fans, keep in touch with contemporary music and on top of it all ensure that they incorporate their stories in between. That is why their music genre lies deeply between indie, a bit of pop music, some beats of hip-hop and a dash of dance.


Their efforts seem to be bearing bountiful harvests as they have had warm reception ever since they first stepped into the entertainment arena. For instance they are currently on tour and the positive feedback has been evident with some of their shows being totally sold out like seven months before they happen. According to Alex Pall it is this success that continues to motivate them to wake up every day and push on and he feels that soon they will be able to hold a festival.


The future for the duo is already well lit as Alex Pall believes. Their fan base is growing internationally and their interaction from the social media is promising for example the comments from their Instagram page is a clear evident. There is more push and demand from their fan to have an album out. Though Alex feels that they are not ready, he believes that their album will be a marvel.