Dr. Shafik Sachedina: A Leader of Medicine and Charity!

There are many people across the globe who leave one country for another to further their life or career path. It is a major league of faith because the outcome is undetermined but the inner drive is so strong! Dr. Shafik Sachedina is one of those people who is not only an amazing, reputable dental surgeon but also a humanitarian for those needing the proper resources to further their livelihood. His life’s work has been recognized for years as he continues to use his platform to assist others.

Immigrated from Tanzania, Africa, Shafik Sachedina made a decision as a teenager to leave home to see what the world had to offer him. He became a dental surgeon in 1975 at Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in London. Later on he began to dive into humanitarian work because he had a bigger passion for the community than just being a surgeon alone. As the head of the department of The Institute of Ismaili Studies, Shafik Sachedina had an opportunity to get a taste of what it would be like to be an entrepreneur. He was tasked with making sure there was a flow of activities in all 16 branches of the Institute. One of the pioneers of the institute is Aga Khan Development Network, which Dr. Sachedina is a member and has a tradition of voluntary service with community for several years.

He decided to step outside of the dental world but remain a helping hand to people in the community. Shafik Sachedina opened Sussex Health Care, a facility that supports patients and loved ones of those suffering from Dementia. It is a 24 hour service that fits every need for those with learning disabilities, support for the families, neurological care and much more. He sought out an area where he could give the compassion that’s been in his heart for years to those needing long term care.

Leadership has been represented in Dr. Shafik Sachedina ever since he started in the healthcare business. He has served as a chairman, director or board of directors of several organizations as a result of the knowledge he has acquired over the years. It is apparent that these businesses trust him with what he has to say and what he has to offer to make the community as well as the health of everyone much better than what it already is.