Jeunesse Global: Perfecting Skin Care, Nutrition, and Physical Well-Being

The co-founders, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, created Jeunesse Global on September 9, 2009. The two partners and their team worked to create a profitable and sustainable business platform for entrepreneurship around the world. Their efforts paid off with the rapid expansion of Jeunesse Global.

One reason for their growth is the excellent line of

they carry. Their business focuses on anti-aging solutions and nutritional supplements. Many of their products have sold in the billions, thanks in part to the efforts of their motivated business partners.

Y.E.S. is the name of system. Y.E.S. is short for youth enhancement system. It is a carefully thought-out skin care and supplement program, which works with synergy. The anti-aging skin care creams and lotions restore and revive smoother skin. The antioxidant oral liquid gel Reserve helps the body fight off damage at the cellular level.

If you are looking for help with physical changes or weight loss, Zen Project 8 breaks it down into three simple steps. Coaches and an online community support it. The program involves eating, sculpting, and mental conditioning.

Step one last seven days. During this time, you will shed excess water retention and bloating. You will learn what causes bloat and how to avoid it. After step one, you will be excited and motivated to move on to step two.

Step two is all about nutrition and physical training. This step takes 21 days to complete. Finally, you will learn how to prepare for life’s challenges when maintaining weight. Meal planning and handling setbacks are skills you will gain in step three. Life is for living and enjoying, and you will feel healthier and fit after completing the Zen Project 8.

Mark Macdonald is the leader of this program for Jeunesse Global. Take control of your body, take control of your life is the model Macdonald lives and preaches. He provides weekly webinars, guidance, and motivation. He is also a New York Times best-selling author and is a contributor on CNN.