Penelope Kokkinides seizes an opportunity during a meeting with Donald Trump to talk about the state of healthcare at Puerto Rico

Many countries around the world are struggling to provide adequate healthcare services to their people. With the emergence of various chronic diseases, healthcare has become an expensive affair for many households. The most affected people are the women, children and the elderly. These groups of people are left to struggle on their own as more and more insurance companies fail to cover most of the chronic diseases. Fortunately, a few companies have come to the rescue of the most vulnerable in the society. InnovaCare is among the few companies that have been established to provide managed healthcare for Puerto Rico residents. The firm operates the Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid that aims at facilitating access to quality healthcare for everyone regardless of their economic background.


Over the years, InnovaCare Health has earned a reputation as one of the best healthcare providers in Puerto Rico. The firm’s top leadership has largely contributed to the company’s success. Penelope Kokkinides was recently added to the firm’s top leadership, where she brought a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, spanning over twenty years. Penelope studied at the University of Binghamton and Columbia University of New York City where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and master’s in public health respectively.


Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope worked in various government-led health programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid. Together with other top executives at InnovaCare, they have managed to lead other healthcare firms in providing outstanding services to their customers. The top leadership at InnovaCare led by Erick Shinto consists of individuals who are exceptionally talented and experienced in the healthcare matters.


A few days back, Penelope, the Chief Administration Officer at Innovacare was accompanied by eight other women in the White House. The delegation met President Donald Trump to discuss how women serving in the healthcare industry can be empowered to reach out to more people. Penelope seized the opportunity to discuss with President Trump about the state of healthcare in Peurto Rico.


InnovaCare is the leading providing of healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The firm has been actively involved in helping the residents recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. It was one of the firms spearheading the setting up of emergency clinics to avert healthcare crisis. During the meeting, she emphasized the importance of Federal government’s support of such critical programs. According to Penelope, healthcare programs have suffered a huge budget cut since 2011. The meeting with Donald Trump raised her hopes of improved healthcare for the people of Puerto Rico.


Drawn to Drew Madden

Everybody has heard of Amazon at some point in their lives, and chances are, you might have even used them once or several times by now. They’re a big deal in the world right now, and they’re known to upend the traditional methods of business wherever they propagate. This has led to remarkable innovations across multiple industries, and of course, everyone remembers when Amazon took over Whole Foods. Still, what if you found out that Amazon was traversing into the territory of medicinal provision?

This is exactly what’s happening right now. Amazon recently got its mitts on licenses that allow the retail giant to distribute medical equipment for clients and vendors alike, and this is said to set a precedent for them to also sell prescriptions at some point in the near future. For now, Amazon can’t do this because they need separate licenses to allow for it, but reports show that they’re almost certainly headed in that direction. This, of course, could spell disaster for the dedicated pharmaceutical companies such as Rite Aid, Walgreen’s and CVS as well as Walmart, Martin’s and any other store with its own inbuilt pharmacy.

The main problem is what could happen to the niche companies. Walmart and Martin’s are like physical manifestations of Amazon in sheer size, and if the medical aspect takes egress, there’s still plenty more to offer and stay in business with. However, the likes of smaller, more focused establishments are at risk of being driven off the market eventually. After all, nobody forgot what Amazon ended up doing to Toys “R” Us, and didn’t we all think that wouldn’t happen?

CVS is reportedly working on taking over Aetna and fusing health insurance with its currently impressive array of medical options. In order to successfully pull this off, they’re also going to need to jump further into the world of healthcare IT with the assistance of Drew Madden or similar legends in the field, which will help them link up all of their services into a single, near package that clients can enjoy in the stores or on the web. In the coming months, keep an eye on the news: You may start to see more motions toward medical IT technology, developments and investments with regards to these smaller companies and their defensive strategies against the likes of Amazon.