The Legal Works on Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has a very powerful position that he earned. He is the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo Court.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in the town of Itapetininga and since the time he was a young boy, he knew that he wanted to work in the courts and in law. He went on to get a Bachelors Degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University located in Sao Paulo. He also got his Masters degree from the same institution. This degree was also in the field of law. A couple of years later he got his Doctorate in law. He also received a teaching degree as well as a postdoctoral degree. His additional degree is in the field of European Economics as well as Criminal Law. In addition to working in the courts Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a professor at the same school he got his education from. He teachers a Criminal Procedures Law course at this school. He is also the head of the Human Dignity and Rule of Law research group that is looking into ways to improve the lives of people all over the world.

There is not a dull moment in the life of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. He not only teaches and holds office hours, he is present in court. He is also working with PhD candidates and works with several social organizations to help those in need. He also works with refugee groups to provide services to people all over the world. With his work as a judge in Sao Paulo, he can help make changes in his area as well as the organizations that he works with. He inspires others to being their ideas to life for the good of human kind.

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