NGP VAN Helps Democrats Reach Voters

Campaigning for a political office used to be a very labor-intensive process that involved a lot of footwork. Today, most campaigns are largely technology-driven. The latest Democratic campaigns by candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama have been powered by an app known as NGP VAN. NGP VAN uses big data to help campaigns reach the voters who would be interested in their platform. By using this data, Progressive candidates are able to identify these voters on quite a large scale. The campaigns of President Obama relied heavily on technology, social media, and big data.

Utilizing all of the web and mobile tools that are available today is made much easier with the NGP VAN app. Based in Washington D.C, the company is both a web host and voter database. It is used by hundreds of labor unions and progressive organizations as well as the Liberal Party of Canada and the Democratic Party of the United States. This type of technology gives the Democrats an edge by powering data-driven results and campaign strategies that are focused on technology.

As technology advances, campaigns now and in the future will continue to rely on it more and more heavily. It is important that political parties stay on the cutting edge of technology to be able to reach the most voters with their message in a way that will encourage them to get out and vote for their candidate or issue. Without the help of apps like NGP VAN, it is easy for a campaign to fall behind. In fact, a lack of knowledge and implementation of technology could easily lead a candidate to lose in today’s current political climate.

When radio and television first became popular, it was very important that the presidential candidates of the era made appearances on both of them while campaigning around the country. In the 21st century, campaigns rely heavily on reaching voters through mobile technology and social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are being used more and more by politicians to reach their voters and spread the message of their campaign and candidate.