Sawyer Howitt A Champion in the Making

Racquetball, an ages old game, enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. Popularized in the 80s, the sport gained a big following for its autonomy in that you can play it often anywhere, but mostly on inside gym courts.

Sawyer Howitt is one star who is making headway in the professional racquetball scene. The son of a community organizer, and philanthropist, Sawyer Howitt has been blessed with a great upbringing, drive, dedication and talent. While Howitt excels in more fields than one, his current sport of choice is racquetball, of which he plays phenomenally in.

His playmenship caught the attention of local scouting coaches and has gained him a bit of notoriety in the racquetball sports arena. Sawyer Howitt is a joy to watch as he injects youth and pizazz into a sport that’s gaining momentum.