Guilherme Paulus Provides Wholesome Travel Packages For Tourists

Brazil is one of the leading countries with the highest growth economically in recent years. Currently, it’s a major economic power with tourism being the most important economic activity in this country. The tourist sector offers job opportunities for many individuals across the country and in various businesses including hotels, tour operators as well as souvenir shops. That implies that with time, there will be a rise in the number of tourists visiting Brazil. To support the country’s economic position, Guilherme Paulus has established a company called CVC Brasil.

More on CVC Brasil

When Guilherme Paulus left IBM to focus on the tourism sector where he served as a sales person, he was defining the direction of his career as he wanted to become one of Brazil’s leading operators. He partnered with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari to create a tour company called CVC Brasil. While Guilherme Paulus had the idea and was committed to implementing it, Vicente had the capital. Together, they merged their resources and formed what is now defined as a leading tour company that serves clients from all walks of life. The company offered special packages to clients. Paulus has additional packages to attract more clients to the company. The idea was appended to his experiences while working as a salesman in the tourism sector. Under his leadership, the company included cruise trips that played a crucial role in the growth of the firm. Today, CVC Brasil is a market leader in the tour industry. Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts, a Brazilian chain of hotels in 2015. This was a business opportunity for him since the company is now directing revenues to the economy.


Guilherme Paulus is Giving Back to the Society

Paulus has also won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award following his dedication to giving back to the society. Under his leadership, CVC Brasil has given back to the local communities through organizations that focus on corporate social responsibility. The company also helps to increase access to education in low-income earning families. Paulus is a role model for entrepreneurs seeking to grow the economy of Brazil by contributing to the tourism sector.


Ordinary people are always doing extraordinary things to change and improve the world. Marc Beer is one among these people. Marc has been in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and diagnosis field for over 25 years. He has achieved so much during this time including co-founding Renovia Inc. together with Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie.


Before founding the firm, Marc Beer was the CEO of Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, CEO of Viacell, a board of director member at Erytech Pharma, served at Genzyme, was part of the Miami University Business Advisory Council, held sales and marketing roles at Abbott Laboratories among many others. His broad experience in the field, therefore, led to Renovia Inc.


Renovia is focused on women’s health through the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The company received a significant boost in their quest with the close of series B worth $32 million and venture debt worth $10 million. Marc Beer and the rest of the Renovia team will be able to produce new products with this financial boost.


Pelvic floor disorders according to research has affected 250 million women globally. This has prompted Marc and Renovia Company to come up with a solution through diagnostic and therapeutic products such as Leva, which has since been approved by the FDA in April.


In addition to the series B round, Renovia also has the support of The Longwood Fund, which had invested in the firm. Longwood Fund, led by Ascension Ventures and Perceptive Advisors, will aid the development and testing of more products. The funding will be channeled towards four therapeutic and diagnostic products such as the Leva device.


The Renovia CEO, Marc Beer expressed his joy in having being backed by the leading healthcare investors, Longwood Fund towards finding a solution to Pelvic floor disorders. The combined effort of the two firms, which share the same vision will seek to lower health care costs by exploring deeper to gain more information about pelvic floor disorder. They will keep customers informed on new options to combat Pelvic floor disorders.


For the millions of affected women, Renovia and the healthcare investor’s efforts are good news as their lives will be improved since better diagnostic and treatment products will emerge from the combination.


Renovia Inc.’s personalized approach and Marc Beer’s expertise will lead to new sensor technologies in their quest to help people with the pelvic floor disorder. The series B round is just a start. Expect more from the ex-Aegerion CEO and Renovia as a whole. Learn more: