Dick DeVos, Vouchers and American Students

Dick DeVos isn’t a celebrity in the traditional sense of the word. He doesn’t make Hollywood blockbuster movies. He doesn’t collaborate with musicians on tracks. He doesn’t have his own television show. That doesn’t mean anything about his public profile, though. People who are based in locations all around the vast United States recognize him all of the time. They easily recognize his famed wife as well. Dick is joyfully married to a woman who is known to everyone as Betsy DeVos. Her name at birth was Elisabeth Prince, too. Betsy is famed thanks to her United States Secretary of Education job. President Donald Trump believed from the start that she’d be a good fit for it. Dick, on the other hand, is famed due to his many entrepreneurship projects. He was the top executive on the Amway Corp team between the jam-packed years of 1993 and 2002. The Amway Corp has always been a big part of DeVos’ heart. Richard DeVos is the widely known company’s co-founder. He also happens to be Dick’s loving dad.


DeVos isn’t the kind of man who ever stands for lack of action. He’s perpetually on the move in this life. He’s involved in business affairs with a firm that’s called the Windquest Group. It’s an investment management company that operates in a private manner. It covers divisions such as manufacturing and technology. Although DeVos is a force in the business realm, it’s not his sole focal point in this life. He’s also a person who has a deep commitment to politics in the United States. DeVos was given the opportunity to be part of the Michigan State Board of Education in the early nineties. He remained on this board for a couple years. He left after a couple of years in order to pursue his aforementioned position with the Amway Corp. John Engler was a Governor who chose to give DeVos the chance to be on the Board of Control for Grand Valley State University located in Allendale in Michigan. This took place in 1996.


Educational vouchers are a hot topic that Dick and Betsy talk about frequently. Mrs. DeVos helps school vouchers in a strong way. Mr. DeVos helps them, too. The pair took on Education Freedom Fund co-chair positions toward the start of the nineties. The Education Freedom Fund offers private scholarships that are helpful to Michigan households that don’t earn a lot of money. These scholarships empower students in the state to sign up to schools that appeal to them.


Dick and his thoughtful wife are in charge at the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They have been in charge since it was introduced in 1989 as well. They’ve utilized the group in order to make donations to organizations of all varieties. Some examples of these organizations are Children First America, Choices for Children and the American Education Reform Council. They’ve given money to Christian educational institutions that are scattered all over the western region of Michigan as well.


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