Betsy DeVos: Reforming Educational Choice

For years, Betsy DeVos has been leading the charge of education reform. When DeVos and her husband had school-age children, they made a visit to the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids. The school serves many low-income families. At the school, DeVos met the parents of the students. These parents were working to ensure their children were safe, could learn and be curious, and be treated with love.


After these conversations, DeVos continued to go back to the school for visits. DeVos had the financial means to pay her children’s tuition to a better school. However, for these parents at the Potter’s House Christian School, financial resources weren’t as abundant so tuition costs were an obstacle to education. DeVos decided to begin financially assisting some of the school’s children. Today, DeVos supports the Potter’s House financially at a significant level.


Supporting that one school led DeVos to think about education on a larger scale. DeVos’s husband, Dick, expressed his commitment to education and ran for a spot on the State Board of Education in Michigan. After winning the election in 1990, Dick focused his efforts there while DeVos started a foundation that distributed scholarships to low-income households, in hopes that families had more of a choice regarding where they could afford to attend school. However, rather quickly, DeVos recognized that scholarships were not reaching the root issue with the education system in the United States.


DeVos also joined the boards of Children First America and the American Education Reform Council, both charities of which were working to provide educational choice for parents through credits on their taxes and vouchers. DeVos was politically involved in helping the first bill for Michigan regarding charter schools to pass in 1993. Because Michigan’s families were in need of improvements to their choices for education, and because the state constitution had been written in a way that limited choice for schooling (in comparison to other states), in 2000 DeVos tried to change the state constitution. The amendment proposed would permit the state to grant tax-credit vouchers or scholarships. Despite her efforts, the amendment did not pass.


Reacting to the loss of the amendment she proposed, DeVos began a Michigan committee for political action. Known as the Great Lakes Education Project, the committee was devoted to reform of education by increasing the number of charter schools throughout Michigan. From 2001 through 2002, the committee’s efforts were successful and DeVos began thinking of how the nation could benefit from similar change.


Together with John Walton, Dick created All Children Matter. DeVos chaired the political organization, and eventually the group decided more cohesion was needed for efforts to be successful. The key players reorganized and formed the American Federation for Children. It serves as the as an umbrella organization affiliated with the Alliance for School Choice.


Since her time with the American Federation for Children, DeVos has seen major advances in other states besides Michigan. Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana are three examples of states that have passed programs that will better serve their students and provide them with the opportunity for educational choice.


Besides increasing educational choice for students, DeVos sees choice of school location as an especially promising education-reform strategy. She advocates for freedom from families being assigned a school based on the location of their home. DeVos believes technology will help this movement and that, with the right legislation to serve as the framework, educational choice will create a better educations for the country’s children.


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Dick Devos – article recap

Dick DeVos has always been there when Michigan needed him. Mr. DeVos, an heir to his Amway Corp. fortune, was actually on the path to CEO when his life changed forever. In 1991, he heard about a plan publicly floated around in Grand Rapids. That plan was to build a convention arena and a multi-purpose sports place.

Mr. DeVos had seen this happen to another area in Michigan. It was Auburn Hills. During the 1970s’ construction of the Palace of Auburn Hills and Pontiac Silverdome were built outside of the downtown area. That changed Auburn Hills forever. Mr. DeVos wasn’t going to let that happen to his believed Grand Rapids.


Mr. DeVos Created a Campaign Against Arena and Sports Facility


During that year, Mr. DeVos created a campaign against the sports facility being outside of the central business district. The campaign was called the Grand Action and involved a group of business leaders. The Grand Action was responsible for keep the facilities out of the suburbs of Grand Rapids.


Mr. DeVos was Asked to Bring a Major Airline to the Region


Saving the Grand Rapids skyline was just one of Mr. DeVos’ many successes. Many years ago, he was asked to connect with AirTran Airways to woo it to Grand Rapids’ airport. He didn’t shy away from the challenge. In fact, he did one of the hardest things imaginable. He refused to let the public in on his plans and just cold called the CEO of AirTran Airways.

Mr. DeVos, who calls himself an aviation geek, has never piloted a commercial plane. He did use his love of aviation to connect with the CEO. However, it was the fact that his family owned the Orlando Magic NBA team, which played close to AirTran that helped the cold call become multiple calls.

That one phone call changed to face of traveling in and out of West Michigan forever.


He was able to talk to the CEO into placing the low-cost carrier in West Michigan. His lucky and hard work turned into a bigger moment when Southwest purchased AirTran. This made West Michigan an aviation destination.


Mr. DeVos Helps Everyone who Needs It


As an heir to his family’s fortune, Mr. DeVos has spent most of his adult life attempting to change policies and institutions. He’s been a GOP mega-donor and has used his political influence to make positive changes in everyone’s life. He has also used his influence to make major changes in Michigan laws that affect labor and education. One of Mr. DeVos’ major changes involved helping his wife, now Education Secretary, to promote charter schools and private school vouchers. In fact, Mr. DeVos, created his own aviation charter school in Michigan to help low-income students obtain a better education and learn about aviation.


Mr. DeVos, Michigan’s Son, Works Hard to Be There for the State When It Needs Him the Most

This wasn’t part of Mr. DeVos’ life plan. He was on his way to becoming Amway CEO and helping people through his family’s company. One public plan changed all that. He wasn’t about to let Grand Rapids change for the worse. That determination improved the lives of many people.


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Will DeVos Return to Her Fiery Ways?

There is a stark difference between the public impression people have of the Secretary of the Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, and how the people from her home state of Michigan remember her. So far during her tenure, she has been mostly seen as someone who will toe the company line in the Trump administration. This was made apparent when she didn’t speak out Trump’s latest effort to rescind the Obama-era policy that allows transgender public school students to use the bathroom they identify with.


While DeVos seemingly opposes the idea, she did not fight against it during the decision making process. One thing she did do is meet with transgender members of her staff was let them know about the policy. She was apparently direct with them and let them know that this was not her idea.


This notion that the Secretary of Education is going to do as she says within the organization is not how she is remembered by her constituents. She was known as a headstrong and passionate advocate for charter schools and the voucher program while she was working in Western Michigan. One asset she had in her tenacious fight to change school policy in Michigan was her family’s money.


DeVos is still in the early part of her tenure as Secretary of the Department of Education, so she may just be getting comfortable in her new role before she becomes more vocal in the fight for what she believes is right. It comes as no surprise that she wants to implement the voucher system nationwide in the public system. It should be noted that she joined the Trump Administration when they announced the newest measure to repeal what they say was an overreach in policy by the Obama administration.


DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan and was raised in the Dutch Christian church, which is why her family has been known to champion conservative Christian measures in the area. Devos’s family owned an extremely successful auto parts company. Her family is exceedingly wealthy and has used their money to help influence policy in their area. DeVos spent her most recent years working in the city of Grand Rapids.


Adding to her wealth and power, DeVos married Dick DeVos, a member of the powerful DeVos family that founded Amway. He is best known for an unsuccessful run for governor in the state of Michigan in the mid-2000s. Together they are worth billions. Learn more:

George Soros Helps Democrats and Liberals to Remain Well-Funded and Strong

George Soros is now a leading democratic supporter. He has been providing funding for liberal organizations for many years. He primarily uses his Open Society Foundations organization to provide support to liberal organizations that reflect his values. Soros also funds liberal organizations that he does not necessary agree with. Even if he doesn’t agree with a liberal organization’s beliefs he will support them if they can be used to politically thwart the Republican Party or conservative causes.

Soros has moved away from doing a lot of business since the 2010s. While he is not necessarily retired from his work, he is now more dedicated to political causes. Soros was a major Democratic Party funder during the 2016 presidential campaign. He stood behind Hillary Clinton and provided support for her bid on the White House.

Many democratic candidates and organizations would have a hard time being viable without the aid of supporters. Democratic political figures have to raise money in order advertise and to campaign across the country. If they do not, they simply cannot be effective within the political arena. This is also true for local candidates as well.

Liberal organizations that do not have funding will be ineffective within the political arena. The fact is that everyone needs money to promote their cause and to advance their agenda. It is just a fact of political life. Without funding, a candidate or a liberal organization will be extremely ineffective.

Hillary Clinton ideas and political views closely matched those of Soros. This is one reason why he provided $25 million to get her into office. Besides, he absolutely dreaded the United States being ruled by Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Soros, Trump still came to power and took over the White House.

Now, George Soros has shifted gears. He has aligned himself with the Democratic Alliance which is a group of the top Democratic Party supporters. They are working together to thwart President Trump’s plans while he is in office. They are also working to defeat him in the coming 2020 election. Soros and the Democratic Alliance want to make President Trump a one term president. There is still hope for Hillary to take the office in 2020. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

In the meantime, Soros will continue to fund many liberals and their causes. He is also committed to an ideology known as open society. An open society is one that grants certain rights, responsibilities and privileges to its citizens. Soros believes that the Democratic Party and liberal organizations provides the best chance for American people to have an open society.

He sees American liberties, responsibilities and freedoms becoming more restricted underneath the GOP leadership, responsibility and conservative agenda. Soros will continue to provide his support for the liberal cause well into the future. Know more on about George Soros.

End Citizens United Plans To Overturn 2010 Decision

Now that the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision has opened the door for the country’s billionaire elite to spend an untraceable amount of money in our elections, organizations have stepped forward to fight the Citizens United v. F.E.C. decision in an effort to change the landscape of our elections back. With the Supreme Court’s decision, there is no longer any transparency within election spending, allowing billionaires like the Koch Brothers and other large corporations to tip the political balance in their favor.



End Citizens United was launched in 2015 as a Political Action Committee that is dedicated to counteracting the awful effects of the Supreme Court’s decision. They have the goal of reforming the campaign finance system and are funded completely by grassroots donors. End Citizens United plans on showing candidates, voters, and the media that this country’s grassroots are fighting back against the people trying to buy our elections. End Citizens United plans on pressuring lawmakers to take action in favor of campaign finance reform.



By electing pro-reform candidates, using their grassroots following to demonstrate their political power, and raising the issues of money within the world of politics, End Citizens United plans on dismantling the current rigged political system by passing state ballot measures and finding champions that will worked towards overturning the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision. Their goal is end the idea of unlimited money in politics.



End Citizens United supports mostly Democrats in key races that support their passionate reform ideas. They only support those candidates that are willing to fight to overturn Citizens United. End Citizens United stands up for those warriors who are under attack by special interests groups and large donors. This organization is a mostly-Democratic group. There are many Independent and Republican voters that agree that this country needs campaign finance reform, but the Republican leadership within Congress is standing in the way of their ultimate goal.



Within just a few months, End Citizens United received more than $2 million in donations; from mostly small donors. Over 325,000 signed their petition to demand that Congress overturn their decision. That number will grow however, with End Citizens United gaining access with their partners, “Ready for Hillary” that will be giving End Citizens United their email list. After a few months, End Citizens United also announced their endorsement of more than 10 Democratic candidates, like Senator Michael Bennet and Senator Russ Feingold.



End Citizens United came in at a time when it was needed. While there is an endless supply of political committees, this one in particular addresses the hole in conversations when it comes to political campaign finance reform. With an enormous grassroots backing, End Citizens United plans to enact reforms on both local and national levels, hoping to pass an amendment to the 2010 Supreme Court decision.