A Day In The Life OF Entrepreneur Chris Burch


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Proud papa with Pookie and Izzie. I still look like that by the way. 😎

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There is something to be said for an entrepreneur who is not only willing to take risks on his own business ideas, but the ideas of others as well. Chris Burch is a world renowned entrepreneur with many high-profile success stories next to his name. In 2012 he renovated the Nihiwatu luxury resort on the island of Sumba and within four years it would be ranked one of the top luxury resorts in the world. In 2014, Chris Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in order to launch her own lifestyle brand. Now, through his work at Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch is offering the same opportunities to investors of all experience levels.

For Chris Burch, succeeding as an entrepreneur is about connecting with the right people on the right projects. Burch believes that you not only need to find the right partners, but you need to find partners who are fiery and passionate about their work, get info on (Medium.com). With the right people working together on a project, Burch doesn’t think that there is any reason for success to keep on waiting.

As an entrepreneur, Burch’s life is pretty hard to predict. With holdings all over the world, Burch might be flying to Indonesia or spending the week driving business-to-business in downtown Los Angeles or in New York. There is no patter, rhythm or routine to Burch’s work and that honestly is probably how he likes it. As a creative individual with a passion in many different fields, Burch loves the challenge of approaching them all at once.

One of his most recent investments is that of Cocoon9, a tiny home fabrication company that works on designing modern spaces that provide homeowners with the small life, big amenities that they’ve always dreamed of. Burch loves the tiny home movement and we expect him to spend much more time and effort on this project, useful details on thenewsversion.com.