Dr. Saad Saad on How to Succeed In Life, Career, and Business

Dr. SaadSaad is a successful professional whose life and career have a positive impact on people who aspire to pursue such-like careers. The holder of a prestigious career is not only a successful pediatric surgeon but also an innovative role model who inspires young medical doctors. Not only does SaadSaad have an exciting story to tell but also essential yet straightforward life lessons that everyone will find useful despite their profession. Above all, Dr. SaadSaad has children who hold senior positions in some of the world’s best careers. Here is a look at SaadSaad’s journey.


The Background


Recently, Dr. SaadSaad tendered his resignation. Of course at the age of 48, he still has a working allowance in most corporations. However, he decided to be actively retired so that he pursues other interests in life. His career in medicine leaves a lot to desire. Regarding crafting an outstanding legacy filled with sacrifice and excellent service delivery, Dr. SaadSaad has been instrumental in many ways. Many will remember his services with admiration.


Pursuing Your Interest


How did SaadSaad delve into medicine? Well, in most interviews, he confesses that in life, a person only achieves what he or she sets the mind to. Just to break it down a little further, SaadSaad believes that every accomplishment in life is attributed to an individual’s attitude.


Early Life and Career


Born in Palestine, Mr. SaadSaad grew up in an environment that was subjected to numerous challenges. Palestinians were forced to relocate because of Israel’s creation of a state. SaadSaad had to leave his native land at that moment.


His Father


When oil was being discovered in the Middle East for the first time, SaadSaad’s father worked as an expert in the industry of petroleum mechanic. Because of his excellent skills, he landed a job in Kuwait. SaadSaad enjoyed being around his father and growing up amidst his brothers.


His Education


One day after school, SaadSaad saw his brothers working on a construction site. The scorching sun would later discourage him from pursuing their careers (engineering). According to SaadSaad, the environment was too hot and uncomfortable for them. He wanted to pursue other interests and medicine was the best option at that moment. Dr. SaadSaad went to Cairo University. He majored in medicine and, scored impressive grades.




Before bringing his retirement decision forward, Dr. SaadSaad was a pediatric surgeon practicing at Eatontown in New Jersey. SaadSaad’s position in his practice is affiliated with various hospitals. Some of the hospitals include Long Branch Campus, as well as Monmouth Medical Center. When away from his practice, Saad offered life skills through constructive talks. Learn more: http://www.jerseyshoreuniversitymedicalcenter.com/jsumc/newseventsandclasses/pressreleases/Press-Release.cfm?customel_dataPageID_2021=495087

Omar Yunes with a BFW Award

Towards the end of 2015 there was a competition for the Best Franchisee of the World. The competition of BFW is open to participants from anywhere in the world. It is also to open for franchisees working in any industry. The award ceremony of the BFW competition was held on December 5th 2015. It took place in the beautiful Florence, Italy.

The winner of the competition who won the title of Best franchisee in the world was Mr. Omar Yunes. For a few decades, Mr. Omar Yunes has been an integral part of Sushi Itto – a Japanese food chain. Mr. Omar Yunes joined the company when he was 21 and has been with it ever since. He is currently the owner of 10% of the Sushi Itto units. That is a number of 13 places in a variety of locations some of which include Puebla, Veracruz, and Mexico City. The units include four hundred other employees.

Upon accepting his award, Mr. Omar Yunes gave a speech and shared his belief that this award is for each and every one of the four hundred employees who have been dedicating their efforts and careers to the places of Sushi Itto. The ceremony was attended by representatives and employees from countries such as Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, and many more. There were guest from 34 countries in total and there were thousands of guests.

As a part of the large Japanese chain, Mr. Omar Yunes has been able to develop his intuition on all things related to business. He has also been able to develop a vast set of skills that have allowed him to manage the many teams of the various places.

The criteria of evaluation of the franchisees are a bit more unique than some other business competitions. The evaluation is based on the impact that the franchisee has made on the industry and not only on the company that they are a part of. Mr. Omar Yunes won the first place and a few other franchisees also received an award and some received an honorable mention.