Aloha Construction-Beautiful Renovations Done Right

The President of Aloha Construction, Dave Farbaky, knows what a nightmare it can be when a remodeling project turns into a disaster. Avoid the time, money and stress involved when things go wrong. Call the team at Aloha Construction. Based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, the company has decades of experience to get any remodeling job done right the first time.


Offering free in-home assessments, this licensed and insured interior remodeler will work with you to create the home of your dreams. When you improve the look of your home, you are also increasing its value, another excellent reason not to hesitate to update the look of your home. If your bathroom is outdated, the crew at Aloha Construction can make minor changes promptly. The Aloha Construction crew will not leave you with an unusable room for weeks on end as some other contractors would. Whether you are changing out a sink or going for a significant remodel, in a timely fashion they will create for you an incredible new space your family can enjoy for years.


Customers are raving about the professional, affordable and reliable work Aloha Construction provides. With a BBB.ORG rating of 4.9/A+, you can not go wrong making an appointment to assess your remodeling needs. You can visit for more information about the services they render.


Aloha Construction also specializes in fire, smoke, and flood repair as well as mold remediation. The combined decades of experience of the Aloha crew will get you remodeled in no time, taking a disaster and turning it into renovated perfection.


Servicing all of Lake County and Northern Illinois, Aloha has been serving the community for over ten years. Dave Farbaky and Aloha Construction will work with you to turn your design dreams into reality.






Nick Vertucci and His New Book That Has Enlightened, Inspired and Guided Real Estate Agents

It is a mark of a successful, prosperous business leader when the company founded by the leader gets to share the insight it has used for its growth. One of these leaders today that have been featured by Ideamensch news portal is Nick Vertucci. He is the man that has started his own Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. There would also be no Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy if it weren’t for his CEO skills.

The good thing about the school that Nick Vertucci started is the fact that he’s been able to spread his curriculum to both Nevada and California. With the kind of insight that he has gathered while being in the real estate business, he is able to share all of them with new realtors to start their own real estate career.

The New Book

Another project that Vertucci is starting today is his new book, Seven Figure Decisions. It is now available in Amazon, and it contains all the necessary information people need on how to get ahead in real estate. It is there that people could also understand how Vertucci has been taking bold, risky steps to grow his real estate career. He also contains in the book some of the personal history that has shaped what he is right now as an entrepreneur.

The new book he wrote also highlights some core values necessary to succeed in any type of business. It is there that people can learn of Vertucci’s most famous steps to actualize one’s plans. These steps are: see it, believe it, map it and lastly, execute it. Through such steps people can get an idea of how their goals would look like. Through them, people are able to understand where they really would be happy.

The book also highlights the importance of always doing one’s best, and learning the fundamentals of real estate and also the fundamentals of succeeding in any type of venture. Vertucci is really a man that has been through both the good and bad times in business. No man in the real estate business may have the better experience, struggles and insight than him.

TeenSafe Gives Parents Peace of Mind

When parents choose to use TeenSafe to help keep their children safe, they know they’re doing things that will continuously keep the kids out of harms way in different situations. The program helps parents understand what their children are doing and it gives them insight into their safety. When people use the program, they know they’re doing things right and the teens are going to be protected because their parents can watch out for them. The point of TeenSafe is to keep kids safe even after they’re teens. It can be a huge struggle for parents of teens to help them the way they used to, but TeenSafe makes it possible. They make it so everyone has a chance to see how their children are doing and what they’re doing.


As long as TeenSafe continues helping parents understand the safety of their teen, they know they’re doing things right and that’s a big part of the industry standards. For TeenSafe to keep doing things the right way for parents, they know they have to do things that will help them no matter what. They also know they need to be a big part of the way they’re providing guidance in different areas. It’s an important part of how they help their teens and how they give people the right opportunities to keep an eye on what their children do.


Teens aren’t always easy to keep track of especially when they start driving. Parents still want to know their kids are safe even though they have some independence now. The program gives people the peace of mind they need to understand their child is safe. The idea of allowing your child some independence is also a good idea for teens. Since they know they’re doing things the right way, TeenSafe knows parents and teens will both have the opportunities they need for a safe and successful life. TeenSafe works to promote positive experiences for both teens and their parents. They know what they can do to help and they aren’t afraid to give back in the situations they know can be difficult.


What To Expect From IC Systems

IC Systems Leadership


Ruth Erickson is the backbone of IC Systems. She has empowered the organization as a strong women and has motivated the IC Systems staff to perform at their very best. Ruth can be viewed as one of the people with exemplification of the power of female leadership. She is a tough and dedicated woman, who has many of companies in recognizing the power of women. With Ruth as one of their leaders, IC Systems has became a women driven work force. Their workforce has changed the way organization like IC Systems are viewed.


IC Systems Quality Assurance Strategy


IC Systems believes in providing top notch services to patients so, they treat all customers with the highest amount of respect and politeness as possible. All calls are monitored and reviewed regularly to make sure that the patients of IC Systems are treated appropriately. As a family owned business, IC Systems follows a procedure to carefully verify patients information before attempting to solve any problems patients may have.


A Beacon Of Motivation For All Women


Honesty is an understatement when it comes to this company. IC systems is a company that strives to provide intergrity and accuracy in all of their dealings. IC Systems has built their company off of strong professionalism and the resourcefulness of their team or women workers. With Ruth Erickson as a critical part of the IC systems business, women every where are now able to see the possiblilities of a women of determination and resilience.


IC Systems have won many kinds of awards because of their ability to become a renowned successful women ran business. The patients they service are greeted with the principles of Ruth and her actions. The leadership an culture of Ruth Ericken has been with IC Systems since her success with the business. It will continue to empower those who worked with IC Systems and others who read her story as well.


Custom Companies, Offering High-quality Transportation Services for Decades

Custom Companies is a full-service transportation firm dedicated to meeting its customers’ needs by providing top-notch customized transportation services. The company was initially founded in 1986 and is based in Illinois, Chicago although its services stretch out to North America, Mexico, and Canada. Before changing its name in December 2000, Custom Companies was earlier known as Custom Cartage Inc. The company is currently headed by Mr. Perry Mandera who is the CEO and founder. Custom Companies, which started with two small trucks currently operates more than two thousand vehicles countywide and is committed to providing the best services to their customers.


Custom Companies offers a wide range of services including international and domestic air freight, local cartage, logistics management, truckload, intermodal facilities, warehousing, pick and pack services, dedicated contract cartage, expedited ground services, direct mail distribution services and other specialized services. Their equipment offerings vary from dry vans, flatbed equipment, and temperature controlled ones. The Chicago based firm has successfully grown over the years because of its excellent relationships with all its customers.


The team of professionals working at Customs Companies pride themselves with their flexibility and can respond to their customers regardless of how tied up they are. Besides their customers, Custom Companies values all their employees’ welfare, which is what makes them ahead of their competitors. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified making all their transactions legal. Another aspect that separates Custom Companies from its competitors is matching their services to their customers‘ expectations. They approach every deal in a detailed and customized way.


Custom Companies has worked its way up the transportation industry for close to three decades now. The company has incorporated various technological tools in its operations to ensure efficiency. These tools include fast track, advanced track, dimensional weight calculator, among others that have made drivers and customers work so much easier. For instance, fast track allows customers to instantly track their shipments and advanced track, which enables customers to trace multiple shipments across any range. Customs Companies have also improved their relationship with their customers by designing their website, which allows them to get feedback from their customers.


Chris Linkas Offers Investment Advice to Millennials

Millennials are struggling to put money in their savings accounts. That is why Chris Linkas, an investment expert with about 20 years experience is blogging about how the young generation can start saving for retirement.




Linkas has been managing the European credit group for investments for more than five years. With his extensive knowledge in investments, he counsels others regarding the value of investing. To him, college scholars as well as young professionals think that they have time to save and invest in the future. When it comes to stock market especially, Chris Linkas is positive about guiding these young generations to put their money in the business. Here is what he has been saying for years;


Reinvest In Dividends

  • Reinvest In Dividends


Linkas has worked in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Switzerland among others. He has vast experience in handling investment in those particular areas. In his perspective, young people have retirement to think about. Therefore, they should invest in rewarding opportunities. Reinvesting helps the young to passively, grow their businesses. Just like Albert Einstein once said, accumulated reinvesting is rewarding especially when the interest rates are high.


Compounding is Rewarding

  • Compounding is Rewarding


Young investors disregard the value of dividends. Nonetheless, history has proven that investments handled conservatively create significant financial portfolios. Moreover, such investments do not experience financial volatility as money generates wealth over time. Millenials who establish conservative funds can receive attractive quarterly dividends. These dividends can be reinvested.


Take Risks

  • Take Risks


Linkas has an impressive background in investment. As a professional investor, he is known for collecting and disseminating knowledge on financial sectors. According to him, age determines the acceptable nature of risks when it comes to investing. Younger people should accept more risks. But, too much risk may be precarious to one’s portfolio.


Learning from Your Mistakes

  • Learning from Your Mistakes

Life will always present risks. Some of these risks can be pretty detrimental. Therefore, young investors should learn from their mistakes. They should begin by learning from their environment. That way, they will be more familiar with the market shifts and terminologies involved in business. Linkas is convinced that the following tips can guide young entrepreneurs in investing.


Johanan Rand: In Pursuit of Greatness

The medical industry is a thriving community, and it is one of the most exciting industries on earth. On the other hand, this particular field of work is also very demanding, which can leave patients and physicians frustrated at times. One of the top bioidentical hormone specialists in the country is Johanan Rand, and he uses personalized care to better serve his patients. This extraordinary man’s educational-base is very extensive, and it has allowed him to serve in multiple sectors of the medical industry. Age-related disorders and erectile dysfunction are just two of his main specialties, but he has been able to come up with viable solutions to help his patients.


Johanan Rand started his medical studies at the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. Understanding clinical medicine via innovation is what this man is all about. Band-aid approaches are not in the doctor’s resume. Rand is looking to get down to the root of the issue before applying a progressive treatment. This is why his work is so thorough, especially when being compared to others in this field. Rand is also the founder of the affluent Healthy Aging Medical Centers. This facility treats a wide array of medical issues, which pertains to rehabilitative and physical medicine. He uses a rigorous peer-review process to come up with personalized care for mood disorders, for fatigue, for depression, for erectile dysfunction, for menopause, for digestive disorders and for libido problems. This list can go on and on for days, but you should have a better understanding of what’s going on.


His book, “It’s Not Too Late To Live Past 100,” will speak about and provide evidence-based support, for nutrition and for supplements. Johanan Rand is helping people reach their health goals, but who knows what he has instore in the years to come.


Stansberry Research Understands Investors Needs

Stansberry Research is a firm that was established in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland with branches in Florida, Oregon, and California. The firm majors in investment research and payment-based publishing of financial data and software. The firm offers a pre-market updating on transaction openings in the universal stock, currency and product markets together with price and information updates on all the most important stock markets globally. Additionally, interested parties and individuals stay informed about the trade of specific items like gold and oil as well as copper and particular sectors in the stock market. By publishing ideas, commendations and approaches, as well as explanations of the financial and economic matters, the firm, assist people in making informed decisions when venturing into any business of choice. The fact that Stansberry Research arranges conferences for investors means that they get to interact with them one on one and answer their questions and give advice professionally.


For Stansberry Research, the firm has given investors hope that they can start businesses and flourish especially after being informed on how the market they wish to venture into performs. At one time the firm had a chance to present their work at Sprott Natural Resource Symposium which was meant to be educative and informative. In that case, it has gained exposure and popularity among investors especially with the helpful information they offer globally through their platforms. Stansberry Research has more than half a million subscribers which means that the market has embraced what the firm has to offer. Risk management is one issue that the firm covers as many people put up businesses without considering the risks involved and if they could survive if they risks became manifested. The issue of the preservation of capital as well is emphasized on, and investors are advised not to spend the last dollar on a specific project but should reserve some in case their plan does not work.


Achievements of Whitney Wolfe in Fighting for the Liberty of Women

Whitney Wolfe did a great job of starting the Bumble, and she is one of the earlier founders of Tinder which she worked in before launching the Bumble. Bumble got in the market as an app that was supposed to transform the manner in which people date through the help of the internet where the women were put on the frontline. This means that all the interactions that would take place on the Bumble app would only be started by a woman. Currently, the app has more than 500 million users and is valued at around $1 billion. It has also been able to expand the platform so that an opportunity for career networking could be created as well. Connect with Whitney Wolfes by visiting her linkedin acount

Apart from creating the first digital dating as well as career networking platform for women, Bumble nowadays has gained more attention because of its devotion towards its female workers. The headquarter of Bumble was launched in Austin and given a nickname “The Hive.” It is lively honeycomb-yellow space that is designed in the manner that each square inch is able to inspire confidence as well as positivity. Apart from the mortar and bricks as well as the office perks, Bumble has made prioritized putting into place the favorable progressive policies for the workers that is currently totaling to approximately more than 80 all over the world where 85% are female.

For Bumble to accommodate the working women, it ensures that the office retains accessibility to the office since the parents take with them their kids. As well Bumble has made it easy to comprehend the working hours. Whitney Wolfe has helped in fighting against feminism as it is more advocated through her dating sites. This means that females have rights to enjoy their liberty as well as share ideas. The interaction has been enabled leading to more networks that make it easy for the participants to run their businesses. Whitney Wolfe has a vast experience when it comes to gender discrimination as she experienced in her previous job. It is Whitney Wolfe desire to see all women treated well and with dignity in places they are employed.



The Legal Works on Marco Antonio Marques da Silva

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has a very powerful position that he earned. He is the Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo Court.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in the town of Itapetininga and since the time he was a young boy, he knew that he wanted to work in the courts and in law. He went on to get a Bachelors Degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University located in Sao Paulo. He also got his Masters degree from the same institution. This degree was also in the field of law. A couple of years later he got his Doctorate in law. He also received a teaching degree as well as a postdoctoral degree. His additional degree is in the field of European Economics as well as Criminal Law. In addition to working in the courts Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a professor at the same school he got his education from. He teachers a Criminal Procedures Law course at this school. He is also the head of the Human Dignity and Rule of Law research group that is looking into ways to improve the lives of people all over the world.

There is not a dull moment in the life of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. He not only teaches and holds office hours, he is present in court. He is also working with PhD candidates and works with several social organizations to help those in need. He also works with refugee groups to provide services to people all over the world. With his work as a judge in Sao Paulo, he can help make changes in his area as well as the organizations that he works with. He inspires others to being their ideas to life for the good of human kind.

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