Ian King shares his wealth of knowledge about Stocks, Bonds and Crypto Markets

Ian King is a graduate of Lafayette College th a degree in psychology. King’s career began as a desk clerk in the mortgage bond and trading department of Saloman Brothers. From that position, he moved on to work with credit derivatives for Citigroup. After working for Citigroup, Ian King spent ten years working as the head trader of Peahi Capital, a New York-based hedge fund. While at Peahi Capital, King’s team actually earned 339% in returns. After growing tired of Wall Street, King set his sights on venture investing through crypto-currencies. Today King’s insights about crypto-markets are featured on Fox Business News, Investopedia, Zero Hedge and Seeking Alpha. King is also the editor of “Crypto Profit Trader” which is an investment advisory service through Banyan Publishing that offers its readers trading strategies. In addition to “Crypto Profit Trader”, King contributes to “Sovereign Investor Daily” which features the latest developments in the crypto-markets. Specifically, in “Crypto Profit Trader” Ian King aims to identify winning trends in the crypto market using a three-part strategy. As well, he offers tips entering the crypto-currency market and techniques to safeguard crypto-coins. Read more at angel.co for more info.

With over two decades of experience as a hedge fund manager, Ian King offers a wealth of insight in the stocks and bonds markets as well. King believes the stock market has been in a bull market for the past ten years. Even though the stock market has been running strong for a good ten years, the bond market is set to attract investors to consider bonds with interest rates predicted to rise. Higher interest rates will bring the possibility of higher yields, and this is appealing to investors who might be hesitant or fearful of heavy losses while the stock market plunges. Bonds yields have increased in the past year, and they have a longstanding reliability that has been in existence longer than the stock market. Bonds are now an attractive alternative to stocks because even when investing in various types of investing environments or situations people have not experienced huge losses. Ian King also believes that investors should know about the federal government’s quantitative easing which is designed to make bonds seem like less attractive investments in hopes that investors would flock to riskier and high yielding stocks.

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Dick DeVos, Vouchers and American Students

Dick DeVos isn’t a celebrity in the traditional sense of the word. He doesn’t make Hollywood blockbuster movies. He doesn’t collaborate with musicians on tracks. He doesn’t have his own television show. That doesn’t mean anything about his public profile, though. People who are based in locations all around the vast United States recognize him all of the time. They easily recognize his famed wife as well. Dick is joyfully married to a woman who is known to everyone as Betsy DeVos. Her name at birth was Elisabeth Prince, too. Betsy is famed thanks to her United States Secretary of Education job. President Donald Trump believed from the start that she’d be a good fit for it. Dick, on the other hand, is famed due to his many entrepreneurship projects. He was the top executive on the Amway Corp team between the jam-packed years of 1993 and 2002. The Amway Corp has always been a big part of DeVos’ heart. Richard DeVos is the widely known company’s co-founder. He also happens to be Dick’s loving dad.


DeVos isn’t the kind of man who ever stands for lack of action. He’s perpetually on the move in this life. He’s involved in business affairs with a firm that’s called the Windquest Group. It’s an investment management company that operates in a private manner. It covers divisions such as manufacturing and technology. Although DeVos is a force in the business realm, it’s not his sole focal point in this life. He’s also a person who has a deep commitment to politics in the United States. DeVos was given the opportunity to be part of the Michigan State Board of Education in the early nineties. He remained on this board for a couple years. He left after a couple of years in order to pursue his aforementioned position with the Amway Corp. John Engler was a Governor who chose to give DeVos the chance to be on the Board of Control for Grand Valley State University located in Allendale in Michigan. This took place in 1996.


Educational vouchers are a hot topic that Dick and Betsy talk about frequently. Mrs. DeVos helps school vouchers in a strong way. Mr. DeVos helps them, too. The pair took on Education Freedom Fund co-chair positions toward the start of the nineties. The Education Freedom Fund offers private scholarships that are helpful to Michigan households that don’t earn a lot of money. These scholarships empower students in the state to sign up to schools that appeal to them.


Dick and his thoughtful wife are in charge at the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. They have been in charge since it was introduced in 1989 as well. They’ve utilized the group in order to make donations to organizations of all varieties. Some examples of these organizations are Children First America, Choices for Children and the American Education Reform Council. They’ve given money to Christian educational institutions that are scattered all over the western region of Michigan as well.


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Penelope Kokkinides seizes an opportunity during a meeting with Donald Trump to talk about the state of healthcare at Puerto Rico

Many countries around the world are struggling to provide adequate healthcare services to their people. With the emergence of various chronic diseases, healthcare has become an expensive affair for many households. The most affected people are the women, children and the elderly. These groups of people are left to struggle on their own as more and more insurance companies fail to cover most of the chronic diseases. Fortunately, a few companies have come to the rescue of the most vulnerable in the society. InnovaCare is among the few companies that have been established to provide managed healthcare for Puerto Rico residents. The firm operates the Medicare Advantage plans and Medicaid that aims at facilitating access to quality healthcare for everyone regardless of their economic background.


Over the years, InnovaCare Health has earned a reputation as one of the best healthcare providers in Puerto Rico. The firm’s top leadership has largely contributed to the company’s success. Penelope Kokkinides was recently added to the firm’s top leadership, where she brought a wealth of experience in the healthcare sector, spanning over twenty years. Penelope studied at the University of Binghamton and Columbia University of New York City where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and master’s in public health respectively.


Before joining InnovaCare, Penelope worked in various government-led health programs such as the Medicare and Medicaid. Together with other top executives at InnovaCare, they have managed to lead other healthcare firms in providing outstanding services to their customers. The top leadership at InnovaCare led by Erick Shinto consists of individuals who are exceptionally talented and experienced in the healthcare matters.


A few days back, Penelope, the Chief Administration Officer at Innovacare was accompanied by eight other women in the White House. The delegation met President Donald Trump to discuss how women serving in the healthcare industry can be empowered to reach out to more people. Penelope seized the opportunity to discuss with President Trump about the state of healthcare in Peurto Rico.


InnovaCare is the leading providing of healthcare services in Puerto Rico. The firm has been actively involved in helping the residents recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. It was one of the firms spearheading the setting up of emergency clinics to avert healthcare crisis. During the meeting, she emphasized the importance of Federal government’s support of such critical programs. According to Penelope, healthcare programs have suffered a huge budget cut since 2011. The meeting with Donald Trump raised her hopes of improved healthcare for the people of Puerto Rico.


Growth of Finances from Paul Mampilly

Like many entrepreneurs and investors in their early life, they most of the time come from rich backgrounds and have something to offer to the public and people through the events in their life. And to be a selfless and helpful person makes for an outstanding and encouraging philanthropist. Doing the same and looking to aid others is a Mr. Paul Mampilly, who has worked in the financial and investment industry since the late 1900’s. Mr. Mampilly has long been involved and participated in the financial industry, and has continued to keep this practice of supporting others to this day. He in the past became a trusted and respected assistant portfolio manager for the historical American banking organization, “Bankers Trust”. In Paul Mampilly’s earlier years, he (like other great investors and philanthropist like himself) went through slight struggles that motivated his education and studies in finances and money. Backed with firm education and training, Paul Mampilly graduated from “Fordham University” in 1991 and quickly used his learning to gain instant positions in multiple other firms. Immeasurable companies recognized Mampilly’s abilities and diligence in turn quickly hiring him. Paul Mampilly continued to gain success and growth for himself, and with any serious worker, Mampilly looked for ways to improve his work and the way he does it. With this great success, however, can lead to the downfall of one’s personal life. And so Mampilly desired to spend more time with his family. Visit Bizjournals.com to know more.

Eventually, after becoming tired of generating income for the large firms, Mampilly sought to extend his skills and education to the public. He began to help others with guides to managing their money as he knew a thing or two of what it took to make it and administer it. Mampilly soon branched out to other resources in order to acquire fans and those interested in his teachings. After linking a company called “Banyan Hill Publishing” Mampilly was able to showcase and distribute newsletters to the public that would allow them to have better insight on his guides and advice to achieving financial success. Banyan Hill Publishing is a company committed to the research of entrepreneurship and investing. Mampilly’s “model portfolio” enabled fans to subscribe to the portfolio to receive his latest guides and advice on stock recommendations he gave to the public. Paul Mampilly’s devotion to assisting and advising the public, along with his ever growing fame has caused him to make appearances on television shows, news articles, radio shows, and other media outlets. He’s been seen on Banyan Hill Publishing’s websites, television shows such as CNBC and Fox, and continues to be recognized on search engines. Learn more: https://www.dailyforexreport.com/paul-mampilly-struck-gold/

Matt Badiali On Preparing Investors For The Oil Market

Matt Badiali is an analyst and advisor for Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is an online publication of writings for investors. The publication boasts a panel of experts that have a combination of decades of financial and investment experience. The publication serves its readers with a mission in mind to put the reader first. The website prides itself on creating newsletters to aid readers in creating investment portfolios with profitable investments.

But before Matt Badiali was working for a leading financial online media outlet, he was planning a career in science. His bachelors and masters degrees are in science. The geologist had plans of getting his doctorate degree. It was then that he was introduced to the world of finance. He took a liking to finances. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

Banyan Bill Publishing saw potential in what Matt Badiali could bring to the website. The website allowed him to create the content for the average investor who did not have the means to get guidance from the big time advisors on Wall Street. The publication knew the scientist’s background could serve readers who were interested in information regarding natural resources.

Ever since Matt Badiali has been an analyst for Banyan Hill Publishing, readers that have taken his investment advice have seen at least two digit number returns and in some cases, some investors have seen returns in the three digits. His Real Wealth Strategist for Banyan Hill Publishing has empowered readers with thorough advice on the natural resource market. He has recommended what types of resources to buy. He has recommend when is the best time to buy and the best time to sell.

Oil is huge in the natural resource market. For decades since the 1940s, the U.S. dollar has been the only currency that oil has been bought and sold in globally across all stock markets. Using one currency has made it very simple for foreign nations to purchase and sell stocks. Matt Badiali warns that China may have something in the works. China may be creating their own system of buying and selling oil. If so, the U.S. dollar would now have competition. Prices and value for oil may be shifting due to more competition in how the resource can be traded, bought and sold. Visit: https://ideamensch.com/matt-badiali/


A Quick Michael Hagele Biography

Michael Hagele is an expert in internet connections. In the past, Michael Hagele has served in various positions in different companies. Some of the firms that he has helped include Fenwick & West LLP. Presently, Michael Hagele works for various technology firms in the internet, biotechnology. Defense and aerospace industries.

Michael Hagele has an extensive experience that he uses to invest in startup companies. He has been in the center of many company foundations. He has also co-founded several technology firms. Michael Hagele is also an investor in restaurant and hospitality industry. Learn more about Michael at Crunchbase.

His has broad experience in drafting, negotiating and closing technology, development deals, and licensing distribution in the international and domestic internet, hardware, software and telecommunication sectors.

When interviewed by Ideamensch, Hagele noted that he uses social media to develop and grow his businesses. He praised social media saying that it allows businesses to connect, interact and respond to their customers. However, Hagele warned companies from overdoing social media. He maintained that the media sites could be so helpful when it comes to building awareness for your company’s products and services. He continued that social media is an excellent medium to inform customers of changes that businesses may adopt.

Hagele advised entrepreneurs who may be interested in sealing mergers and collaborations to be very keen when choosing a partner. He revealed that there is a time in his past life that he partnered with someone who wasn’t interested in the business. He pointed that the restaurant business ended up collapsing. He regretted having chosen the wrong partner.

Michael loves using Strava websites. However, he finds himself in many cases using MS Office and Google. He also likes sharing his great moments with people who have common things to think about. He has been able to come up with some of his best ideas while having fun in mountain climbing and bike riding with his buddies.

Michael believes that physical activities help people to redeem their minds, especially after a tiresome day. He likes finding time to refresh himself within the day. He sometimes takes a walk around the premises to reenergize his body and mind.

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Alex Pall says Fans should expect sensational hits in future and gives details about the rise of the chainsmokers

Two different backgrounds but a common love is how we can simply describe the duo, Chain-smokers band. Their love for music goes way back and they had contemporary DJing stints before starting to work together. Alex Pall reminisce on his love for dance hall music and the urge to be better. This made it easier for the duo to kick off immediately at their first meeting. They already had a push for growth and above all they had the bond of love for music.


According to Alex Pall their success can be largely attributed to the fact that they share the same values. They want only the best for their music growth. Moreover, they spend a lot of hours together to input their skills and ideas on what should make them better. Alex Pall further expounds that they did not treat their gig as a full time job but still they gave it the necessary time it required. Alex further adds that they play a significant role in every step of their musical journey. For instance they always go the extra mile by writing their own songs and co-operating with other song writers to come up with something that’s sensational which explains why their creations are always at par.


Their music is largely inspired by the fact that they feel the need to connect with their fans, keep in touch with contemporary music and on top of it all ensure that they incorporate their stories in between. That is why their music genre lies deeply between indie, a bit of pop music, some beats of hip-hop and a dash of dance.


Their efforts seem to be bearing bountiful harvests as they have had warm reception ever since they first stepped into the entertainment arena. For instance they are currently on tour and the positive feedback has been evident with some of their shows being totally sold out like seven months before they happen. According to Alex Pall it is this success that continues to motivate them to wake up every day and push on and he feels that soon they will be able to hold a festival.


The future for the duo is already well lit as Alex Pall believes. Their fan base is growing internationally and their interaction from the social media is promising for example the comments from their Instagram page is a clear evident. There is more push and demand from their fan to have an album out. Though Alex feels that they are not ready, he believes that their album will be a marvel.



Prudent Investment Advice by Ted Bauman.

Ted Bauman is a successful businessman who has become a role model to many people over the years. He set out to help individuals who were interested in getting into business to make informed investment decisions. With his skills and experience, he is able to make predictions from the business patterns and this helps the entrepreneurs to avoid catastrophic losses that may result from poor planning. Good entrepreneurs are always ready to start something new, they take many risks that they anticipate to yield good returns in the future. Scholars have urged business owners to exercise caution as not all risks pose good opportunities. Failure to do due diligence in a business environment, businesses end up collapsing within a short time. Follow Ted Bauman on Twitter.

Banyan Hill Publishing Company was set up to provide up to date investment advice to its clients. The company was started after making observations into the business environment. As the world of business evolves, new challenges face the businesses and they are likely to fail if necessary measures are not taken by the management. Every businessman aims at maximizing profits, the management of such businesses are mandated to ensure that the business employs strategies and resources that give the company a competitive advantage over its competitors. Scholars urge the management of various firms to use professional help in making key decisions, by doing so, it’s able to reduce or avoid the negative impact of sudden business changes.

Ted Bauman is a specialist in investment strategies that pose low risks to the business. The aim of every business is to maximize its profits by use of minimum resources, this is the main reason why businesses are adopting modern technology in an effort to minimize the operating costs. The use of technology also reduces the time taken to produce a given amount of products. With Ted Bauman skills, the management have their work cut out as they will have less work to do when it comes to risk management. Risk management has become a critical part of an organization, a significant number of them have been training their staff on the concept.

When it comes to investment advice, it’s advisable to use the services of experienced professionals as it requires practical skills. The various individuals at the Banyan Hill Publishing like Ted Bauman have worked in various investment firms. Therefore, they provide the advice from their own personal experience in managing investment platforms. Visit: https://stocktwits.com/tedbauman


Why Whitney Wolfe was Named Time’s Person of The Year

The development of the internet has made people meet and interact online. In online dating industry, many apps have been formulated to come up with your perfect match. Nevertheless, some online dating apps do not account for the safety of women. This is why Whitney Wolfe decided to create Bumble. Unlike other dating apps where men have the unlimited choices, Bumble gives women the power to initiate conversations, make the first move, and find their matches. The dating app allows both genders to show interest, but only women can begin discussions.

Currently, Bumble is run by a team of executive women, and it’s worth $1 billion. Due to her efforts, Whitney Wolfe has been recognized as the person of the year by Times Magazine. The magazine recognized her for creating a dating platform that advocates for equality and women empowerment. The following is a list of reason that led to her selection as the person of the year

Women Empowerment

As described, Bumble is run by a group of talented women. In cohesion with the firm’s mission, Bumble supports and are proud sponsors of LA Clippers which is a team with the high number of women leadership. This is a great start and achievement to increase workplace equality. Moreover, this is the first time that a professional team has joined forces with a female-driven brand. Due to this reason, all the players wear the empowerment badge to support the movement.

Breaking Up with Facebook

Earlier, Bumble used to work with Facebook so that they could verify and individuals’ identity and to group hobbies and interests. Nevertheless, Whitney decided to quite the social media platform due to the recent breach of users’ data. Bumbles believes and are guided by the ethics towards the security of user data. The privacy of their clients is their top priority. Bumble allows the use as third-party sites to use phone numbers to access the platform. This is an effective way to prevent anyone from obtaining personal information from users.

Taking a Stance on Guns

Whitney Wolfe stated that guns do not bring any beauty or interests on Bumble. Thus, the firm enforced specific rules regarding posting photos with guns. She partnered with NRA to ensure that users interact with the platform without any fear.

Whitney Wolfe is one of the most influential individuals due to the creation of women empowered dating site Bumble. She has been on the forefront to fight for the gender equality in the workplace and dating apps.


Trabuco: The Ancient Weapon Of Mass Destruction And Biological Warfare

It is hard imagining a weapon of mass destruction as anything but nuclear. Weapons of Mass Destruction are not just relegated to things that explode, but rather weapons that reek massive amounts of damage. A weapon that can throw large objects weighing up to 2000 lbs, almost 800 meters, with finite accuracy would definitely fit that list. The damage such a falling object could reek would be devastating. The Trabuco is an ancient weapon of mass destruction, it is also carries the distinction of being an ancient biological weapon. Like the bow and arrow that come before it, the breech weapon revolutionized warfare, and commanded the court until firearms showed up in the Sixteenth Century. It is a prime example of the ingenuity, and violence of mankind.

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Developed in China around 400 BC the Trabuco was first designed as a breeching device. Its job was to knock down walls. The Tensile Trabuco was a counterweight that used a sling to hurl objects. Its operators had to pull a series of strings at precisely the same time, with precisely the same strength. Later on, the Chinese would stack dead bodies in the sling, and hurl them at the enemy in hopes of spreading disease. Eventually through trade and use, the siege weapon would make its way to the Middle East and Europe according to estadao.com.br. England would be exposed to it during the Crusades, and like kids at school drooling over a fidget spinner, soon everyone would have one. They would also improve the weapon. The Arabs would add a second weight to enhance distance, and Europeans would add a counterbalance to increase weight. This counterbalance, called a blunderbuss, would allow the counterweight to fire 2000 lbs. projectiles. Thus, the ancient Chinese siege weapon would become a weapon of Mass Destruction according to wordreference.com.

Despite its power and popularity the Trabuco would not survive the advent of firearms. The gunpowder laden shooters would prove too useful, especially with the development of canons. Everyone would move to outfit their armies with the latest firepower, and explosives would replace counterbalance hurlers as breech initiatives. Today the Trabuco is relegated to the museum, or the classroom, as its counterbalance design is an excellent teaching aid.

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